It’s a pleasure for me to represent our group from Paraguay it’s very different from different backgrounds and from different sectors so that makes me especially happy as we are attending this meeting I am Alfred fast I am from the producer sector and I am representing the round table from the producer view we are working now for about three.

Years on our round table and last year.

In October we formed officially our round table so we are just at the beginning.

And not so developed as other round tables here present that we have.

21 members right now a little.

Bit of our background the initial challenges where to build trust we had to work together and we didn’t talk before.

Between the different constituencies present and their beef chain so that’s what we are learning now and we need to gain.

Confidence especially between producers and industry the NGOs and the different parts of the value chain we are working on a formal structure and we know that sustainability is there we are interested in that and the whole world is.

In producing with sustainability we recognize that the current loss in Paraguay are adequate to meet the criteria of sustainable production but we need to do something as private sector so first we need to project a positive and unified and I would say a real image of what is our production because we need.

To gain money we need to treat the people of the whole chain fair and need to care for nature if we do that we will be capable of change to change our.

Negative image then we need to come to an agreement about the meaning of sustainable.

Beef at the local scale and at that we need to see the priorities and we need to see how we can measure this that’s our challenge as we do this the impact will be that we will be recognized by the benefits and the quality of our.
Beef these are some of our meetings as I said we have a very different.

From different sectors we discuss a lot we go not so fast but will make a good fundament to build upon I think it’s very important to set a good basement and then continue to work there really in a long term about meeting some of the animals this is another view and.

Winter time but there is enough coverage this is an order landscape and I’ll finish with two things we are focusing on the old carbon many times but we need to focus on the new carbon then carbon we can storage if we manage well our systems or grazing systems if we put more efficiency in the whole chain then we can fix new carbon into our systems and that will be good for the climate too as our group.

In Paraguay we will learn here from all you present it’s a nice good opportunity and we’ll try to be part of the solution in our country at least thank you.


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