Well hey there what’s up it’s Scott in today’s video I’m excited because I’m gonna share with you a recent case study on how I went out there and I found these keywords that converted into sales but also is helping us rank additionally for these new keywords now if you’re interested in learning what I did stick around because that’s.

What we’re gonna cover here in this video alright cool so now Before we jump in to what I.
I want to explain something here all right a lot of people.

When they get started or when they’re just starting their their new campaigns or whatever they’re always looking for the keywords that get a lot of traffic right the the impressions write to me the impressions doesn’t mean all that much yes it’s good to know that there’s traffic running through that keyword but what’s more important is how well it’s converting all right I’d rather have less impressions and more sales then we have a better a cos as well right but that’s really what I’m after and here’s the thing.

I did this as a little test I went out there and I found I think I found 14 keywords and then from there I turned them into an exact match and I’m gonna show you exactly what I did here and give you some ideas on what you can do now the reason why I did this as I said you know what I’m gonna go after these keywords but I’m not gonna go after the.

Broad I’m not gonna go after the phrase I’m just gonna do exact and I’m gonna put up $10 per day on that or campaign on that to see what happens and then I’ll start scaling it up and.

I’ll also get to see the type of traffic for this all right so that’s exactly what I did now the cool thing about this and if you’re.

Looking at this right here you can see and I’ll use my cursor now you can see up here $424 I spent twelve.

Hundred twelve dollars brought in and a thirty five percent a cos eighty five thousand seven hundred seventy one impressions now this here the thirty.

Five percent might to some people seem like that’s not that great and you know what it’s not all that great it’s okay I’d be ok with it depending.

On your margins but here’s the thing these sales that were brought in also helped me rank organically which then brought in more sales so a lot of people don’t figure in the total a cos when they figure in there organic sales you have to definitely plan on that as well and you might.

Track that to see how well you’re doing but this strategy right here again it was a test and I’m definitely doing this on other products now because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started doing it you’re only going to get really really highly targeted traffic to the listing okay now here’s the other little side note if you go.

In and do a broad match which I’m a fan of doing this because then you start to pick up some of the miscellaneous search queries and stuff like that but if we’re.

Doing it this way all we’re getting is that exact keyword okay or search term and in this case a lot of times it’s either three words.

Or four words or even sometimes five words okay and I’ll show you exactly what we did here so this is just kind of a breakdown and this is for 60 days now 60 days you’d say well Scott that’s only 57 orders let’s kind of look through this though all right that’s actually an extra sale per day all right and which I think all of us would take an extra sale on a product.
Every single day and if its profitable why not but you can see if we go.

Down this list we’ve got 29 orders on this one so we definitely.

Want to pay attention to that we have a 35% a COS net it’s not terrible now let’s look at this this one here 10 orders at 22% almost 23 percent seventy eight clicks six thousand impressions all right then we’ve got six sales here 37 it’s not that great but.
Start reducing this budget or this bid right here.

And it’s 84 cents we’ve got this one it’s 48 a little bit higher 41 a little bit higher.

A little bit higher 13 whoa let’s take a look at this right so we have two orders only two orders like Oh Scott it’s only two orders let’s.

Find more of these let’s do this same strategy and just keep refining it right 661 impressions over 60 days not a lot let’s find ten of those let’s find 20 of those right we can still with these if we want even though they converted and it had low impressions we might just lower this bid down to 25 cents and we’ll get what we get right because these are exact matches and you can see this one here I paused all right so 43%.

This one here 60 point eight seven one sale 294 impressions that’s crazy right so let’s find more of those okay and I’m gonna show you exactly how we did this all right but this one here is really a winner to me at 35.

I would do that all day long this one’s a winner this one’s on the edge I’d probably just lower my bid which will probably do these I would lower my bid and then anything like here’s 16 I would just I would increase I’d go dollar 50 and see if I can’t get the impressions up this means there’s not that much search but when there is search and they land.

On it guess who they’re going to buy you right because you’re probably the only one using a sponsored product ad for that all right so now let me jump over and show you exactly how.

I found these keywords and how I continue to do this all right so this is the tool that I’m using it’s jungle scout the web app okay not the extension it’s the web app now if you guys want to go check it out you can always go through my affiliate link you can go to the amazing seller com /j s and you’ll get.

Little shameless plug all right you’ll buy me a cup of coffee which would be awesome but let me kind of dig in here alright so here we can either search for the keyword or we can search for the product or the Aysen all right we’re gonna do both right now this is what I did so let’s just start and say bass-fishing and I’m gonna go lure or lures and I’m gonna do crank bait okay and then.

I’m gonna go search and now what I’m gonna do is wait for that to come back doesn’t take usually that long so.

Here we go now the cool thing is is it’s going to give me stuff that’s related to that search as well.

Stuff that’s highly highly targeted and I’m only looking at the exact match search all.


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