Now I quickly address the row zero and how he sounds so much like than Tashi on you raka with your boy saw all rights reserved do you understand were for real about ours over here and I get that’s why people want to take shots and save different things listen I had a very toxic level of commenters one that.

See what I talked about I asked me to speak on certain things in.

A certain way which I have no issue because I’m objective but it made sense when I got to this part of the story then they were saying things because the closer you get to it.

The more hatred you’ll get in this player it’s not hate like it’s priority and I don’t do that so if this player you got to get the block block you gotta get the block block come on grab a drink movement every movement every time every Video Grabber training with it that’s how you support the channel that’s how you support the channel the Hat comes on grab a drink now let’s get into it.

Now tell me this riddle me this Cleo and this is to you why haven’t you checked in the numeral zero why is why are you so far away from it why are you dodging it looks like you’re dodging numeral zero.

Because there were numerous people that asked you to go into this live and give your opinion but not only does it look like and see you allegedly refused to it seems like you’re avoiding it this person altogether why do you know and let me educate you so you can hide.

Hide a little better okay when you don’t want something to be noticed you interact fully you interact with all willingness because you know when you distance.

Yourself from a situation and makes you look more guilty it makes you look like you’re more to the situation to have been involved or have some type of connection then it is when you basing it on you slide in.

There you say stuff like oh you sound a lot like my son like you’re not interacting at all is that how you got the 3.4 million dollar mansion because the power behind and prowess behind your growth is yet intact and everyone’s thinking someone’s going.

Is that possible I’m asking as some common information is that possible because Cleo.

I have a lot of comment donation saying that you have a lot of implications but I don’t believe it cuz I see a grieving mother no matter how many things you do that seem unbreathing where to seem to.

Be enjoying life but that’s why I try and see a grieving mother because to see you in the state you are it will make me think that he’s not going and I try not to think that way once again I try to be different and different in a better way not an indifferent.

Way that would destroy anything you have going and I’m not taking a shot at business you’re donating money to people he used to touch shoulders with like you’re.

Doing good things because you’re carrying on the legacy like I said in my video you know you’re you may still be grieving in crime but you’re still in a better state is this possibly someone who could have known tint osteon he only surfaced after tint ASEAN was allegedly.

Going why why then why now what what is it that what makes now different than it was before I’m not understanding that I’m not getting.


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