So Katie and I have basically been friends since we moved in Oh No okay Katie and I have basically been friends since we moved in so we’ve basically been dating for like six months oh god I’m sick and so yeah so Katie’s just gonna tell you why she chose to come here and all that good stuff it’s gonna.

Be great okay hello basically.

Why’d you choose to come to Loyola well I’m from California and the schools in California are very hard to get into but a lot of kids from my high schools were going to.

The same schools and I was like I want to be different I want to go somewhere else and when I toured the school I really enjoyed it I really liked how it was like a very community-based school and like how close it was in proximity to the city and how we have access to the public transportation and that was like the main draw for me.
But like it’s just like you meet so many new.

People and it’s so awesome and then what is like some of your favorite things that you do like on campus or just like that you do in general here like what are you do a ver parts of Loyola that they like that you participate in I guess well.

I just join a sorority and that’s something that I love and so I’m meeting so many people through that and like just like getting to know everybody like our like our dorm is so social like if there’s someone in your class you don’t know chances are they live in here too yeah so that’s really cool but one of my favorite.

To do is literally like just walk around the school and just admire it and like going to the IC.

And like looking at the lake like yesterday I almost had a breakdown that is the one sat down in a chair and looked at the lake and was like yeah yeah so oh yeah well thank you so much for your interview.


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