ANTONIETTA: Thinkyou’re a big tough guy? I’ll whack that smileright off your face.
Know what I can do to you? My name’s Antonietta.

I got my charge whenI was 21 years old.

I’m here 10 years lateron the same charge.

Bad choiceand it will follow you.

And everyone willjudge you on it.

What are you goingto do, tough guy? Stand up straight. People here are trying to helpyou and you ain’t doing nothing but smiling,disrespecting your mother, and getting in trouble. You shouldn’t be standing here.

Like the little punk that you are. Why? Why you won’t talk to me? You afraid of me? How come you’re saying nothing? I’m Natalie. I want these little girls toknow that come in my house, there. What you waiting for? Now pick them up . You know whose cellyou’re in right now? Yours. Dude, you like tofight for your friends? I used to do the same thing. I used to do theexact same thing. Where’s your friends at? They ain’t here. Are they goingto hold you down? Nah, right? Know how long I’vebeen here for? I’ve been in and outof here since I was 17. This is where you want to be at? Ah. This is the girl that saysshe will beat anybody down.

You said? You beat up your10 year old sister. Anybody is eligibleto come here. What’s your problem? You want to come in.

Here and bewith me for the next 72.

Hours? You sure? Because you said itwas a game before. You had a big ass mouthwhen you came up in here. What’s good, little girl? What you going to dowhen you get home?. Cause you know what? I’m here for you. You know, you’re a loser being here. You understand that’s whatyou are, a loser. You want to be a or do you want to be a winner? Which one do you want to be? A winner. – Then you need to act like it.

Do? I want to hear it louder. Say it again, I wantto hear it louder. I want to hear like you mean it.

Do you want to be? I wanted to be a lawyer. No, you need to sayit a little bit louder. I wanted to be alawyer, a teacher. I want to be a lawyer,or a teacher, or a judge.

To do? You want to be aloser or a winner? I want to be a winner.


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