In a subdivision today I’m going to present you a paper that I publish together with my provider actually in the Journal of business research just to give you a breakdown of my research this is a paper I wrote my first year at least away because therefore paper it’s was my thinking when I was setting up the ground this.

Day their mother not going to press my home in the Saudis and then we submit it we presently that a conference in again the mother’s here and then submitting.

Issue of general research on ethnic marketing and their published it at the end of my third year so this is how many brief Albania.

However it’s been followed up with three different a brief of Sally’s one Hwy they give that is for further informing me more than a feeling today that paper is also conditionally accepted yeah and then we have a measurement capable of paper and experimental design I think that is all following on from this initial that same work that I developed in the first year so this is a number of my presentation.
And I’m going to go straight to straightly sources.

Background why are we using my my research has lead it has a two-fold aim let’s say or one hand and might understand what social inclusion actually means and how it’s a faster process objective level and then are trying to understand large with the cultural marketing or anything available in communications what is the impact of this on subjects of changes and all public regional ethnic individuals living in ethnically diverse societies okay and obviously the main motivation for research in this area.

As well as practice in this area of multicultural marketing evening has diversity in the countries that we will be and we all know that the u.

is spin it’s very the Infernus and it’s.

Gonna be we’re going to have a majority.

Stated by 2044 and then their buying power is has reached three point four trillion dollars in 2014 whereas in the UK we have thirty percent of the.

UK population was pouring more than 2010 and the purchasing power but as you.

Can see the information about UK’s without a region because there’s not so much research available in the UK as much as in the u. via WXIN is doing lots of research so much the same but this of all you are said UK is actually very.

Right now all the kinds of become more multicultural I was so many the Xbox living in there so it’s not applicable or this research only to edit like very diverse countries but to all most of the countries nowadays that are attracting expats or immigrants so what’s the problem is is that for marketeers.

Is that here the kind where they were so emotional and you actually cater to all these diverse populations and to try to understand what their needs are and also how they want to be marketed and whether their own ethic their own cultural vagrants needs to be used as a targeting strategy or as a criterion for targeting or segmenting in marketing communications so basically one size doesn’t fit all we have a variable kind of.

Different so how can market here’s actually deal with it that was the main issue and how can they ensure that actually the effort that we are doing are not.


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