You you my god member the night night night night member night night night night like why was this amiibo game why is it not a me poking you a little bit good but it’s pretty good Dickie Dickie is nice Armour gets it wrong in these in like the middle of four oh my god they tried so hard yeah.

It was blocking I think yeah it was so if that’s HFN you’re pinging him back right now almost face it’s gonna be tough now got divisions nice silence on the three this is low just ridiculous way a comma the two spells like the American connection and our TZ is gonna go down you never expect the damage from.

Crystal Maiden right now no you should see him during carding man we ain’t to car-chase okay that’s not that’s not all the best you the reason all margins one of the or join our team versus because he was scared of dying son strike that lays out that’s a.

Good and enemies gonna go down for the first time it’s very hard to get injured.

During carding right so it’s like call the maid right I mean they’re going man what are you sure oh man but that this should have came like a long time at all Stan flies out or easier.

To roll I feel like they could’ve done it earlier can they take the Torah do catapult you can take the tower I seen someone do that my.

Pops listen anything something not sure it’s like this drank 700 guys first picks invoker was he good just sunstrike again and be dying back to back at bottom I.

Bottom in the top tower I think you should go for that one she haven’t heard people calling k3 I don’t think as I say HFN a lot I see he’s actually going whistle Oh mid lane and B might.
Just go down once again what are you doing this is gonna get stunned up by.

The cursed crown he’s pretty tanky but sunstrike gonna come in he’s gonna fall once again as s4 also picks up a kill they do lose the drove for this no follow up as pi doesn’t.

Really have damaged something here does draw it’s pretty good against one lanes it was like tidehunter it’s pulsing merry so they’re smoked up they’re doing what Allah wants trying to get the ulti off yep on to the invoker tornado plate I was good anyway though pops a shrine for him their lives to the gay baby living it’s gonna get stunned up power shot and he’s gone now the question is what can you get out of this.

Ug gonna follow the earth panda time it.

The primal spirit that is gonna be three kills they need to kill them quicker faster yeah just and then just do it’s the talk and then just.

Leave the guy the tepees yeah they’re all the stupid they arranged did everything just I think the Rangers waited I think it is a nerd from cool now he needs a nerf from the for the range good long range should be she’s gonna make their move but nice.

Really nice old crit is gonna die they get the Bruce split off to gonna open up onto the invoker s4 already has a kill they haven’t that cruelty here maybe if they can catch him on the downswing he is completely abandoned way.

Too early he keeps coming in what was that level two ultram necro it’s 30 extra seconds I think it’s like one or two more items he’s going for I don’t like that.


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