Is no no nothing su males like yeah I.

Can bring two more flats out for me that’s great 64 to one for Abbott I’m curious why didn’t doesn’t it seem like a pretty good a bottle art easy game on.

Weaver he’s just farming the spiders Oh Abed calculated yeah that’s what definitely calculated that was close I don’t know if you.

Had napped he could just go.

In or just and spiders and kill him but maybe she was out of nuts time one more tank should be enough all but yes dick I think pilot I and Ortiz you’re about to die here yeah about Izzie babe and now fly.

Yeah well plate no man on open as a tomb or spell doom to be in the man who hosts you read it killing spree for s4 yeah it’s a 1k lead now for eg and.

Look at look at that tower middle already less than half HP yeah barely okay Creed isn’t hunt Creed is gonna find envy right now he will kill diffusional hey jakey what’s up there’s TP.

From chick hero shrine popped and eternalenvy well he’s gonna kill the creeps he made sure to do that at least and now see later plus on strength that was that was an interesting place to be no it was not music that’s a great two century fortunately rtz cool barely out of range that I just imagined the fuel that could make you a.

Little bit sets about the game sadboys well storms catching back up now still about a thousand five I know but they’re gonna find him whole the stun will get hit because he has level one home later Andy’s here as well amp pilot I just comes into a less you tell what’s up I’ll take the goal you don’t.

Need it right contributions oh that’s one way right if you if you hit the hook and a blast that’s all of Enchantress’s HP.

Yeah any me see what you’re spraying or not I don’t think so that’s something right I think I’ve never used a spray of white I don’t even know how to it’s a oh look at those they just keep the fan email but now they’re gonna.

Run uphill here comes Bob Andy’s gonna pull in as fourteen so I’m.

Gonna go down lawless fight it again easy kill up on to s4 ice path will zone out a little but sumail is kind of stuck downhill uphill he’s just stuck everywhere and he’s just gonna.

Die fnatic moving forward now fly running out of the trees abital has plenty of man with that kind how crit is gonna eat nice ice pads but I don’t.

Think it’s gonna matter crit denies again though long create its fourth time yes for is denied for free okie still defended by is a dry winds get a go for a BKB.

Sumail tanks a ton of damage on the backside journal env is Oulton up looks like they’re going in as for old one no but pilot die saves him with the sole reg damage I did he ice bath because he’s already slowed him he’s just running now whatever it’s.

Late usual djay well they’re going faroush on the dire side are now pilot died he’s had to tombstone he throws it up he’ll the.

Normals puppet all nice takes universe to let us gotta hold some people nice I spat a storm over the top and I buys back emails dad is dead the mail just did nothing all brides to kill DG look at this edge dude that tombstone position they actually got led into the tombstone.


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