Like to rethink sleepers you know it really is miss a beat genome be so big cheetah assault is it’s just like a Cheeto you want to be with white one of the old bro I the orange polio we’ll save this long gone for leader it’s a so this is like it’s like but it’s like a host this week.

Wasn’t the inside nothing so how fair white key is it even go but happy – I’d like chocolates.

What it’s like is yeah bro I know I punched a hole in here let me know here we go we just got this trashcan on the wall I was like looking through the boxes to see if you know there wasn’t a bomb in it to the came from Japan sir I saw this and is bacon wait a bit is making its bacon wait no it’s fish bacon what is this Japan oh my god it’s sticky.

It’s fish I thought this was bacon grandma like come for grandmas yeah there’s no look at this dog well it looks like tons what is this they like something weird it’s greasy just.

Like the old people this looks kind of fishy I don’t know if this is birth control or candy book it is cherry and it’s in like a freakin light of the case we’re gonna be eating birth the cherry birth control to the very first control oh they look like they are leave with a cone in starburst well don’t wait coca-cola.

Like put my name put them in your mouth we’re gonna try to experiment we’re gonna put these in their water bottle though we have looks like it’s um it’s a marshmallow yeah this is basically just like a marshmallow you it’s a.

Mushroom you it simply isn’t Oh Oh lack stuff inside Brooke it’s a chocolate.

Film it’s it’s just like it’s a marshmallow with chocolate it’s just kind of average this.

Is a banana with chocolate on the inside I hope I hope it’s gonna be like oh it’s got marshmallow in it again I don’t want you don’t want it you buy their first I’ll be good of course you’re stuck banana banana banana there’s.

Like these that look like croutons and then there’s these that look like curly fries let’s try that curly fur looks good smells good it’s not what you’d expect it to be boy it’s good it’s just a pretzel I already an American ships ching chong chips now Jim Cheung you don’t wanna try the crouton looking things with a frog always a cheese ball the cheese ball Boozer coaster tastes like sour pickle they.

Look like those African I can’t remember the things I’ll put it off in the video with a picture but the problem with this is it says pig your first stinky yeah you know like crunchy young weird small cookies pig on taste like.

It tastes like coffee yeah we don’t know it says free it so very Scooby’s mobile inside the back it’s a box it bro.

Is tiny balls what is cool yeah oh it tastes like bubblegum what is it but this book people b-vitamins he’s like are these oh these look like M&Ms they have one of these back what why they’re only like six of them well they probably vitamin look.

At the containers those different flavors does it already oh my god these look like just like M&Ms and.

This will be sick so if I drop this I’m gonna be very sad why apparently in Japan it’s okay to have six M&Ms in a package we’re eating trying to use candies in here.


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