Polonaise is a powerful new methodology for rapid innovation a social game with simple rules that lets groups of people breed solutions to real-world problems it’s the perfect balance between collaboration and competition that makes innovation happen we believe that everyone is capable of innovation so in polonaise the diverse ideas of a group are all given a chance to thrive.

Our economic system then builds teams of innovators and investors to work together on the best ideas in a process that mimics evolution you can Pollin eyes with your own team to accelerate innovation or you can join our global community and work on.

Problems for our network of investors and partners then publish your work on our platform to get payments and to connect to career opportunities every game breeds valuable new ideas every game rewards you with an ongoing share in your work and every game brings new minds into the polonaise community whoever you are we know.

That you have great ideas we know that you are capable of innovation and now we have a way to make it happen get in touch with us and let’s play.


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