So do you hate government you’re not alone let’s get started so I’m a mentioned in a video or two that we own a motel we’re a very small mom-and-pop Country motel with an attached dwelling unit because that is what it says actually on the deed or the property or whatever the miss patty is logged as and as you.

Know we have a commercial property with a small or maybe just attached drilling unit it’s small though so our motel has 11 units and our house on the property it’s 1.

85 acres nothing you know ginormous we’re not talking.

The BEST WESTERN here and because we were.

A country property we have a well because we’re not on any town or city municipality water and we have our own septic system as well so we bought this property back in 2012 in February and sometime that fall somebody from the public health unit showed up at the door saying that they’ve never had a water sample history with our property even though the other owners have had this place for like 40 years not sure how they get away with that considering a believe the Ontario small.

Water Works program has been in effect since I wanted to say 2010 at least could have been before that I had to look that up but it’s been in place for a while before we actually got this property so I’m not sure how the previous owners got away with not complying but apparently they did so anyway she told us that we had to because there was no history that we would have to go every two weeks to.

Get our water tested as if as if it would even change in two weeks we had it for six weeks total so three times went to go and because we couldn’t take it to the public health lab where it’s free to get the water tested we had.

Take it to a private we paid about a hundred bucks to register with them and fifty bucks a sample and so that was a bit pricey when we weren’t making very much money when I first moved here we had a lot.

Of expenses with the place is a bit rundown we’ve done a lot of work to it since then so you know that was.

A nice little hit we didn’t need and she told us and once she had the sample history.

That we’d be able to reduce the frequency to every two years so a little bit of time.

Goes by that’s the fall of 2012 so in 2014 in February I got a letter I believe was a letter we didn’t have email contact back then.

And they were threatening us that if we didn’t comply with their you know prescribed frequency or whatever that we.

Would you know be charged some ridiculous amount like $25,000 and I know it was just something rageous ly ridiculous for non-compliance so I don’t know she actually called that time where we got something in the mail but I said well I thought you said we would.

Be able to reduce their frequency to every two years after she has a sample history so apparently that’s not really what she meant she said reducing the sample history who go as far as every.
Two years but that’s not what she wanted so after him he.

Did it like for six weeks you know every two weeks getting its sampled she never gave us any more direction so now she’s saying we have to go four times a year so we were going you know January April July October kind of thing so we did that for a couple of.


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