Hello my name is Jacob Karl and my topic is recreational water safety which is a public health priority here is the outline of my presentation first of all I will be providing information about free creation of water activities risk and safety in the body there would be more information about exactly what is recreational water safety from the prospect.

Then would like to skip sunlight of the social injustice and finally there would be confusion refer to.
Reverse lakes and coastal waters and.

The activities related to these waters.

Can be defined as the recreational water activities including swimming surfing what is fine sailing boating etcetera recreational water can have various benefits to health and well-being swimming pools witches lakes rivers provide an environment for extreme relaxation physical activity exercise pleasure and fun since the ancient times bathing in a mineral waters has been recommended to cure variety of illnesses what is recreational water safety as water and water-based activities are important aspect of Australian culture regular exposure to water is.

Issues of water safety the risks include accidents such as drowning exposure to.

Elements microbial contamination and chemical vision these hazards can be prevented by.

Safety measures Australian government has made several health policies to regulate the recreational water activities drowning is a major threat to people who participate in such water fun activities as it is fourth major cause of death in Australia other than this drowning is the leading cause of death.
In Queensland for children under the age of one to four years therefore it.

Enough information that how important.

It is to have safety regulations when it comes to water activities drowning cases have increased with the passage of time in the year 2015 drowning called 266 deaths and this number has increased.

To 291 by the year 2017 why a total of 685 drowning incidents were registered as non-factor resulting in hospitalization in year 2016 and 17 not only this it has been observed that drowning deaths are more prevalent in summer season as compared to other times of the year further I would be stating some light.

On social determinants of health related to reproduction of water safety tro red lotus model first of all red lotus model consists of mainly two types of.

Social determinates that is individual.

And environmental the individual determinants can be further studied as biological behavior and socio-economic while environmental determinants include socio-economic political built and natural environment to begin with I would like to highlight individual determinants first starting with biological factors it has been reported that males are.

To experience fertile water accidents as compared to their female counterparts in this year a total 249 fertility ‘s have been reported out of which.

72 percent are males white females accounted for only 28% moving further next individual determinant is behavior according to the reports.

Habits of people can also put them at risk of water related accidents for example addiction to alcohol and drugs has been considered a major risk factor to example if I alcohol consumption contributes at least 20% of all drowning deaths every.

Year similarly drugs are also have responsible for water related mishap means as consumption of drugs can cause impaired cognition which ultimately put lives of people in danger in addition to this according to ABC News risky behavior of males also put them at frontline maybe because they are more engaged in activities like boating and swimming pursuits the last individual determinants is socioeconomic status studies show that the people who belong.

To poor socio-economic groups are also a risk group as they are unable to organize swimming.

Classes for the children which ultimately affect their skills in water ism it.

Is estimated that 20% of children will leave primary school without the ability to swim the length of an Olympic sized swimming pool ultimately a potential risk for such children when it comes to waterfall activities it has also been found that these.

Children mainly belong to indigenous communities rural and remote communities and people from lower socioeconomic families moving to environmental determinants there are four determinants which can be linked to recreational.

Water safety first one is social in which we can study how different social groups are affected differently to illustrate my trends and to us account for every third running in Australia which means they are high-risk group when it comes to water safety the main reason could be that they never got an opportunity to be.

So close to water in their home countries or restrictions in their social groups they belong to furthermore Aboriginal and Torres.

Strait Islanders have four times the drowning rate as compared to general Australians among the people living in rural and remote areas are affected more than those living in urban settings it has been found in reports that the danger is about 1.9 times higher in males of remote and rural Aboriginal communities as compared to urban communities by in case of females the gap is much higher that is ten point five times secondly.

Environment determinants that can be studied is economical water facilities are the greatest income source for Australian comment.

As it creates a total world of 2.72 million dollar per year not just this immediately visit to the pool is enough to make most people out of physically.

Inactive category which is again a benefit for healthy moreover tourism specially for beaches and lakes have local diseases moving further built is another environmental factor which plays a critical role Australia is having a long coastline making ripple to indulge more and more in water activities majority of Australian population reside near the coastal areas that is about eighty-five percent of total population living within 50 kilometers.

Of the cost which means water activities are an integral part of their lives and hence increasing the risk of water accidents another factor is natural environment Australia is a line of creeks rivers place beaches hence people can’t resist themselves to go in waters furthermore several natural environment phenomena.


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