Hey it’s just an air from cardio critic calm and this is my video review of the new garmin vivosmart fitness tracker there is a pause there for second is because it is far more than just a fitness tracker I looking at the size of it let’s just compare it to a Fitbit here this is a Fitbit Alta now.

I just squeeze them to show the bit that doesn’t flex you’ll see that it’s a tiny bit shorter on the wrist than the Fitbit or very very similar actually tiny tiny bit shorter so it’s.

A small discreet fitness tracker so the width of it as well and this is the Fitbit Alta not the Fitbit I’ll taste up HR just a regular Fitbit Alta what the garmin vivosmart has that you won’t find in any other fitness tracker this size is a built-in GPS and risk post heartrate yes the competitors like the polo a 70 the Fitbit charge to the mere touch it said – they’ve all got the off the wrist LED turns on the back they don’t.

Have is built-in GPS because it’s less built-in excuse me and because it has built-in GPS it means that it’s an attractive product for far more customers I’m a fairly active a fairly keen to a fund runner I don’t run competitively but I run to three times a week and I.

Cycled two or three times a week and this really could be what I could use because it has a GPS it’s got various dedicated sports modes like cycling running hiking weight training cardio training and they are not just you know not just a tag to say you cycled.

Or you run each one of those has got um data fields and settings that are applicable to that sport so for me for running for example I can set like.

Auto lap on I can have a pace alert I can have a heart rate zone alert okay so basically what I’m saying here is.

This new garmin vivosmart is the benchmark of fitness trackers going into 2018 this is what everybody should be striving to achieve a discreet thin comfortable activity tracker.

Built-in biometric sensor so it can do floors climbed okay so by now you’ve probably guessed this is going to be another Garmin five-star review and the reason I’ll give it five stars is because you simply I simply can’t find anything wrong with it from its size to the declarative to display look at display now that’s what you that’s what it looks like outside in bright sunlight there’s no backlight on there I tap.

It to get the backlight on it just unlock it that’s now got the backlight on which is great when you’re turning in low-light bright Sun sunlight directly on the display like my spotlights doing here the display is even brighter lots.

Of monitors running outside and quite like they’re hard to read not so of this just quick note I’ve made this ludus plays on lock so when it goes to after about I don’t know what it’s about thirty seconds or a minute probably now no it locks.

So that just means that because it’s all touch activated it’s not I’m not activating it in the night or tapping it back stand so after a minute or so when it goes into lock to.

Reactivate I have to tap the display twice okay so let’s just go through the main screens that’s the purpose of my videos just to show you what you would expect to see if you own one of these the garmin vivosmart and please while you’re watching.


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