We have just learned of the existence of a pseudo-scientific Holt with a growing international membership this cult known as pulse net worships germs and claims to heal the sick according to our sources pulsin is a secret organization of laboratories ah that has been sanctioned by our own federal government pulse net has an ongoing mission to spread their message.

Actively pursuing worldwide domination the cult of pulse net originated in the late 20th century and was the vision of a Swami from the deep south who initiated many of the colts rituals do.

You practice today every year the cult membership and their leaders assembled to reaffirm their goals in the early 21st century swami was succeeded by Peter the Great Dane ah who remains the cults leader to this day a couple of now disillusioned cult members agreed to talk.

To us about their experiences under the condition of anonymity yes we were recruited directly from our jobs it was a great honor they told us we could help save lives there was a heavy price to pay for the membership was there not well at first they were very welcoming but.

Then they started to tell us about the rules there were so many rules rules rules rules oh and did you participate in the Colts annual rituals oh yes we were invited to the annual update meetings there were mostly lectures during the day what we had breakout sessions where we try to interpret the ancient pulse net ruins and at night there was music dancing and chanting despite these revelations the cult has attracted a large number of supporters who claim that.

Pulse net has made vital contributions to public health but pulse net may never be able to answer this burning question uppermost in the mind of all pulse net members wrote our significant events are unkind let’s assume at the main.

Concerns to dekalb tragedies any resemblance between CDC’s pulse net and the cult of pulse net.


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