Mike √•kesson and I’m here today with Leila one of our blackberry notch this isn’t Steve one of our animal care staff Leila has been the focus of some previous blogs that we’ve done and you can click here to see those blogs Leila is getting ready to celebrate her eighth birthday and this is a really exciting.

For us Leila’s case has been an extremely difficult one for us over the last year Leila.

Developed life-threatening blockage in her nasal passageways that cut off her ability to breathe and we’ve done a tremendous amount of different Diagnostics in order to figure out what was going on and how to effectively treat that over the past year Leila’s been under anesthesia over 20 times as our veterinary staff has worked through this process and staged a number of different surgical procedures and other interventions to get us to the point we.

Are today where Leila is breathing comfortably again and doing very well over the last two months we’ve really made some tremendous progress with her case and we actually deployed.

A pair of stents within her nasal passageways to provide an opening to allow that airflow to come back to.

Its normal flow these are a silicone mesh that collapsed down so we can actually pass these through a much smaller diameter and then.

They expand once they’re within her her nasal passage and basically what we’ve done there is we’ve created a new passage through the back.

Of her nose to allow her to move air normally and these also block that abnormal tissue from growing back in with these in place we’ve got Leila breathing comfortably again and that’s allowed us to really focus in on the primary problem that.

We were facing with her case it’s extremely exciting to see her here today where she is and doing so well throughout this whole.

Process her care and well-being has been our number one focus and anytime we’re doing procedures with these large animals it’s a large endeavor and can really be a fair.

Amount of strain on their bodies so we’ve taken a tremendous amount of precautions through this whole procedure to make sure that.

Had her best welfare in mind we’re extremely excited to see Leila doing so well today we hopefully can see all of you out here soon I’m either for boo at the zoo or just another beautiful fall day when you’re out here please be sure to stop by and see Leila if the temperatures are.

About 50 you’ll be able to see her outside soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the nice fall weather we.

Hope to see you out here soon.



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