Oh – OH now worship your lord who has created you and those before you so that you mean Waddle who has appointed the earth a resting place for you and the sky a canopy and cause water to pour down from the earth thereby producing fruit as food for you and to not set up rivals to other when you.

So very much jazakallah it will be really guide of all of you if we can have one minute for stand up in the order of national anthem nah-nah professor dr.

Agriculture biotechnology research institute you learn to please come on the stage professor dr.
Ephraim Hahn from Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom’s.

Pisan join us on the stage professor dr.
Arthur colleague from California Department of Food and Agriculture and United us a Eastern professor dr. Rezai Chaudhary from Ontario Institute of Agriculture stole a Canada professor dr. Steven jab my friends from Department of structural and molecular biology University.

College London UK so people know the dirty kineticast under dint of research productivity award in 2011 12 16 17 and 18 by Pakistan Science Technology PSF Islamabad she is also holding one viewer Satan and.

550 national patent she’s our senior editor of the journal of innovative Sciences law or college Bowman University we would welcome professor dr. Shackleton oz to come and give us a welcome attention respected chief cash professor dr. Falcon Tamotsu voice has their faculty members and my very dear students assalamu alaikum and very good morning it is a matter of great honor and time for me to be addressing on you you won’t be half acknowledged forgiven university the university is one of the oldest and largest female university.

In asia we are hosting near about 70,000 students in our main campus as well as our affiliated colleges and indian temples all over the century the LCW has offer the quality education with an international two students belonging to a wide spectrum of various socio-economic classes of other society we do this while upholding them an unwavering focus on our principles of women empowerment education.

And equal opportunity to all as you know the conferences seminars and workshops are platform to share research findings gain knowledge share ideas develop insight and definitely establish collaboration at national and international level in.

The year 2017 we arranged first international conference on new parents in Natural Sciences and the three boys from basic to applied the purpose of this international conference was to share ideas and expertise to breach the death treatment technology and dimensional practices and research.

Integrated with new trends in Natural Sciences now as you know we are posting new tactic Natural Sciences this is second International Conference and the theme is public health food.

Nutrition and food safety we select this topic due to advanced importance of the food and food safety nowadays particularly this conference is jointly organized by the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Zoology we have the legacy of participants from academia it does three researchers router’s government officials Samantha’s from the field of Public Health and mutation.


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