Oh RP also known as redox potential or oxidation reduction potential measures the tendency of a molecule to gain or lose electrons it is measured in millivolts when a substance has an electron to donate it measures with a negative charge when a substance loses an electron and is positively charged the ORP is plus negatively charged substances act as an.

Anti oxidant positively charged substances act as oxidation enhancers what we have learned to understand is this.

Water in its energetic state has an abundance of free electrons okay the earth is loaded with free.

Electrons and where that comes from is lightning strikes okay so we have all this energy.

Potential in the earth impart it to the water and when we consume the water you’re basically consuming a antioxidant we.

Know vitamin C vitamin E all these particular nutrients that you may take in its natural state water has a similar even perhaps more powerful ability to quench out free.

Radicals or inflammatory processes that may occur from natural processes within our body to create energy to fight infections as well as to.
Quench out some of the destructive things that we may do in our modern life.

From pharmaceutical agents cigarettes alcohol over-exercising stress water can help buffer that in its natural state like natural ancestral water ionized water holds a measurable negative electrical charge this is what gives the water vitality or life energy almost all other drinking water available to us has a positive charge which means they are oxidizing agents.

Only negatively charged water can efficiently flush out.

Toxins and poisons in the body at the cellular level and neutralize free radicals a free-radical.

Is a molecule of oxygen that has lost an electron and is positively charged it is also known as active oxygen.

This active oxygen is hunting for a replacement electron from somewhere else in the body active oxygen damages the cell membrane and even DNA antioxidants produced by the body and from our food provide free electrons to stabilize active oxygen free radicals.

Ionized water is one of the most powerful antioxidants known ionized water has millions of hydroxyl ions per glass no other water has this incredible benefit you.


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