Business owners in Denver’s ball park neighborhood they’ve just about had it they say conditions outside their shops are disgusting and they want the city to do something about it contact sevens Lance Hernandez checked out their concerns himself and here’s what he found this is where we had to shove it you know we tried to clean it up as.
Best we can and stay ahead of.

It justin friends and owns the graefenburg theater on 21st near Larimer he says he routinely cleans up human waste near the back door we see it every day all day Lisa France does the same thing at the front door of her shop Frank’s gentleman’s salon I’m responsible for these.

Ladies who work for me as well so their safety is my concern the ball park neighborhood has seen a big increase in urban campers living in shanties on the sidewalk still all right there police make contact with them daily Brittany Irving came to Denver from Arkansas because there’s.

People here on the streets in Denver that treats you better than anybody I’ve ever known we went to the city for answers about the business owners concerns in some cases city agencies can come out and do cleanup and in other cases we can provide guidance and resources to business owners and citizens about cleaning up some of those impacts from campers I asked about the increase in urban campers setting up tents on sidewalks in parks.

And alleys our concern first and foremost is for the health of those people who are in exposed situations and spending the night outdoors the Director of Public Health Investigations.

Says they try to connect those campers to services in an effort to get them off the street some say they don’t want help but city officials say that’s often because they’re scared of a new situation and just.

Need more information and patience that’s probably Leroy and that’s Chris Lance Hernandez Denver 7 and if you ever have a tip if you ever have a problem you want.
Us to look into please call.

The number on your screen or email us contact seven at the Denver channel comm.


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