Each and every year people are told to go the dentist brush our teeth floss and eat less sugar unfortunately we aren’t like sharks and we can’t regenerate our teeth so we got to take care of them to better understand how we can keep our pearly whites nice and pearly there are some important things that we should better understand.

From how to save a tooth that just got knocked out from your mouth two teeth that are on.

Sale on a black market here are the craziest things you need to know about teeth but first.

Quick shout out over here to this person you left this comment we appreciate your insight and we’ll see you next time number 18 white bread if you’re a fan of the Wonder Bread.

You may want to think twice before getting involved it’s one of those sneaky foods that you gotta.

Watch out for while most breads contain sugars white bread contains the most sugars which means that if you eat it it’s more likely to stick to your teeth do you ever remember taking the bite from a PB&J and Wonder Bread sandwich and again stuck to the roof of your mouth it does that to your teeth as well which gives you a higher.

Probability of not only getting diabetes but also tooth decay number 17 shark teeth the carnivorous beasts will feasts on just about anything they can find ranging from dolphins seals sea turtles to raise their massive.

Jaws can hold about 300 teeth despite possibly losing one or two each week great white sharks can generate teeth unlike humans mainly because their.

Teeth are technically considered to be scales sharks might have some 3,000 teeth at one time and don’t actually use those teeth to chew but to rip off flesh number 16 wisdom teeth contained stem cells baby fetuses aren’t the only thing that contains stem cells also your wisdom teeth do that grow in your late teens if you still haven’t gotten yours pulled out.

Yet consider keeping them somewhere.

Safe since stem cells are used to help treat many diseases it goes to show you how your teeth are a little bit more complicated than you might think soft tissue is extracted that’s adhering to the.
Wisdom tooth and the pulp is usually what contains the cells the.

Scientists are looking for number 15 GM it in you ever thought about getting into a bar fight with the person hate on your girlfriend at the bar but you didn’t want to risk losing your teeth for her well that’s okay in some cases a tooth that’s been knocked out can be saved if you’re able to jam it back into your empty socket within five minutes of gain punch number 14 teeth sharpening if you thought somebody mods were extreme let’s take a look.

At a few from around the world Keith’s sharpening is an extremely painful body mod that will forever change the shape of your teeth this was common practice for many years in Southeast Asia where it’s considered to be beautiful at what point is beauty worth not.

Being able to chew your food the bag gobo woman from the Philippines would spend hours chiseling their teeth to.

Look just right seems like the last place you want to make a dentist’s appointment at number 13 pickles bad for teeth you might want to hold off the pickles next time you go to Burger King a.


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