What if what if being better just isn’t good enough anymore what if the only real competitive advantage that any of us have left in the marketplace is not just to be better but to be better and different innovation that works is about being different strategically different but different nonetheless different in a way that creates more value for your.

Customers at different in a way that creates more value for your employees different in a way that takes the ideas that you have and turns them into the results that you want because let’s face it between you and me the rules of the marketplace haven’t just changed they’ve disappeared wiped out tooth.

Gone that means that the decision to innovate is no longer a matter of choice it’s a matter of survival so what if what if being better just isn’t good enough anymore will your organization have what it takes to survive the point is that if you’re not different strategically different in a way that promotes value to your clientele you cannot get the job done.

Reality check in a beautiful resort somewhere else in a hotel room just like this one the competitors the sales rep of your competitors are sitting in a room doing exactly what you’re doing so if.

You are being like your competitors are being then there is no competitive advantage in that to be different you need to think different to think different you need to see different so go back over here to my trusty little red ladder do you believe that I travel with this thing you have to see the comments of the bellboys and the.

Taxi drivers the airline people it’s incredible but where most of.

Us spend our time is down at the bottom of the ladder not talking about the corporate ladder I’m talking about down here in the day-to-day of what we have to do when we get up every morning this is our line of sight right here this is our perspective well if you want to think differently you need to see differently and to see differently you need to be looking at something that your competitors aren’t seeing there’s a wonderful line that says teach yourself to see what others cannot see and you.

Will know what others do not know she’s been a catalyst for us to drive growth within the company but she’s also been a catalyst to drive growth within several companies in fact Tony’s responsibility and her craft is really to drive innovation and be an innovation catalyst into organizations like ours you Eileen come up with an idea that is completely out there cuz that’s just who you are right happens.

All the time anybody know Eileen she that kind of girl absolutely yeah so.

You come up with an idea that’s really really out there and all of the Y thinkers in the room what do they do what do they say first of all oh no yeah what do they do with their body language cross their arms everybody.

In the rooms doing this now yeah yeah they cross their arms sit back in their seats roll her eyes up to the sky.

And Eileen your idea even if it was a great idea dies in midair I think what Tony Neumann does you know it at the core is she gets people to change their behavior she gets people to change their patterns and the way she does that is at the same time very simple.


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