Manchester Business School we encourage the students to think seriously about the possibilities of being a successful business professional while serving as an ethical citizen of the world this course ask students to analyze how new business policies can produce both expected and unexpected outcomes in particular students use business modeling to analyze the short and long term consequences of climate.
Change policies in UK and to develop business models.

For presentation to Manchester City Council we’re trying to improve our causal loop diagram which is part of our course route.

For a modelling of an impact of the five people experience have to say it’s very interesting I got really some new insights onto the five people this year didn’t know what impact might have on software environments I think the policy overall as the government supports do make a difference but I think the biggest difference that can be done is by every individual trying to participate I definitely think technology can enhance the party policy so.

That’s the idea technology can be used in conjunction with 5e policy to reduce the consumption of bags so what one example would be would be to introduce an application for educated consumers of the benefits of reducing and not using plastic bags as we saw with drugs for example once consumers were educated about the negative impact of consuming drugs which are huge huge decline.

In the period we bought into the dream of social responsibility at the University because as academics and educators we have destroyed to contribute to existing discussions on that especially in daily.

Life I’m just walking out of street and then some like it’ll just pop my head like a cosmic diagram problem had for example like when there’s like a traffic delay now like like yeah what will cause a traffic delay and how will it affect in the future what I learned from my group post work is like different skills like communications work.

Time management and try to build a model you know what it is like for example like we are trying to do the causal diagram for five pay policy so we have like defending in our mind like socialize and then we have like an economic value how it a data comic value then we.

Have like we are developing an app how can a be helping trip’ policy and then we have like environmental policies like since then five p policy had reduced environmental issue significantly lasts over the one year or so especially this is important because we live in a world that we are caught becomes decisive and organizations individuals we want to make decision but many of these well intended decisions they can actually have unintended.
And unprotected consequences over time you..


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