If women paid as much attention to their breasts as men do breast cancer cases too would reduce to half maybe the sound so it but the truth is if you are not aware about the breast cancer somehow it will happen to you here are some common breast symptoms number one a lump in your breast a lump or mass.

In the breast is the most common symptom of breast cancer such lumps are often hard and painless though some.

May be painful not all lumps are cancer however still it’s important to have your doctor look at any new lump or mess right away number 2 swelling in or around your breast collarbone or armpit breast swelling can be caused by inflammatory breast cancer a particularly aggressive form of the disease swelling more lumps around your collarbone or arm fists can be caused by breast cancer that.

Has spread to lymph nodes in those areas.

Number 3 skin thickening or redness if the skin of your breast starts to feel like an orange peel or gets red have it checked right away and this symptoms don’t improve after a week though get checked again because these symptoms can also be caused by inflammatory breast cancer areas number four breast warmth and itching like skin thickening and redness breast warmth and itching.

May be symptoms of mastitis or inflammatory breast cancer if antibiotics don’t help see your doctor again number five leaving or discharge from the nipple discharge from the.

Of breast cancer the likelihood is greater if your nipple discharge is blood-stained or accompanied by a lump number six nipple changes breast cancer can sometimes cause changes to how your nipple looks if your nipple turns inward or the skin on it thickens or gets red or scaly get checked by a doctor right away so don’t waste your time don’t be embarrassed toons don’t be shy if you notice any of the.
Above changes don’t ignore them just go to the..


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