We have to make sure that the politicians are held accountable every administration had the ability to put a ban on asbestos when it comes to asbestos Aurelia what is about power money and politics that’s about to be so here is the graph this little bit updated tells us the situation mortality rate with special to you what do we.

See interest so this is a situation that we are facing with very very difficult to get to and the American 2005 so.

Far family basically yes the data my grandfather worked for attending since 1937 and then distant care was I too near 1953 when he married Falls was my father they moved to capella the most because it was a must for each year to live within the.

Regions of enemies because they had to be on duty civilians they had five boys and.
I am the August despite we what was the last.

Picture of the six of us because McCullough picture we took in.

1999 it is soon after we already lost care of our abilities as soon after this picture on the right was taken that mom found out that the liquid was alone was a scientific study human so the question was.

Not a factor but network so what was the situation of the environment soon found out that her five boys had their lungs also full of asbestos so before she passed away she went to see the CEO.
Of eternity to really tell them how angry she.

Was and my mother was an equal Oh as we say in French I don’t know how you say that in English but somebody.

Who is a green member of the Green Party before it was actually an official Green Party so she was really mad and for a little woman becoming mad I was there at.
Think I can tell you it was quite impressive a turn it likes.

They did for the workers hand her a contract and in exchange of.

The sum of 42,000 euros that she could have received of course they asked for her to be silenced that was of course.

Impossible for Francois to to be because if our family had been so heavily impacted by asbestos in Capello plan boss what about the other families what about the families who had accepted the private settlement and could or would not talk what about.

The fact that a turn it when somebody became sick in the in the family gave a job to the Sun or to the daughter are you if you have a dying husband are you going to turn against the employer who is now giving your son or.

Your daughter a job some nobody.

Actually raised their voice except France or us now the court and the attorney on the other side said that there’s younger family.

You guys you must have something wrong in your body.

You are really the only one nobody else is complaining to attend it so Aviva we embark into a job and we went to hospices we went to Undertaker’s we went to priests and they gave us names of.

People who had also passed away due to mesothelioma so this is the map that we came up with the dark dots are workers who passed due to mesothelioma and worked at a term it the orange dots are environmental victims and you can see that.

The prevailing wind in that part of Europe is from west to east and you can see that we have more orange dots on the east side of the factory than on the west side it is dude that we believe.


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