But first here’s the answer to a question we brought to one of our viewers how relevant is the specialized MBA in times of the slowdown is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades to a general MBA or be the master of one through a specialized MBA here are some thoughts for decades MBA students have the choice of specializing in.
Marketing finance operations or HR but the last five years have seen.

The birth of industry-specific MBAs or super specialized MBAs such as NBN Pharma MBN retail NBN insurance and even MBA in telecom so what’s been driving these new courses three four years what basically happened was certain sectors were really booming what I’m talking about is basically the retail sector the healthcare sector the finance sector to an extent especially when you.

Talk about insurance and mutual funds retail banking so a lot of business schools thought that one of the ways to cash in on this sector is to build specialized MBAs that.

Give you very very specific skills related to let’s say a certain sector 23 year old.

Money kundan Rajan graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s in mass media and was keen on pursuing brand management he saw the MBA in retail as a means to gain a couple of years of work experience in FMCG retail and then switch to brand management but one other general MBA have helped him achieve the same objectives the details specific MBA that I took up it.

Offered me all the subjects that the general MBA does and additionally it offered me quite a few interesting modules in terms of store operations visual merchandising supply chain management logistics but two super specialized MBAs really give you an edge and is it a good idea to try our future to a specific industry given the current recession Narsee Manji Institute of Management Studies or nm IMS recently withdrew all.

Its specialized MBA courses apart from capital markets and actuarial science the Institute has increased general MBA seats and will instead offer students courses related to specific industries as electives.

In the second year the feedback from the industry one was it that these tools need to have the generalized management principles second one was a domain-specific knowledge and the third one was the functional nm IMS self the economic downturn is not the reason it has withdrawn the industry specific MBA however it is a factor to keep in mind for students who.

Are wondering whether to join a general or specialized course you should use the industry specific kind of.

MBAs only if you are convinced out of your sheer interest that you don’t want to get into any other kind of sectors for management or any other career but otherwise it is better to choose a generalized champion however students like money aren’t fazed by a lack of jobs at this time and if your heart is set on.

A specific sector MBA where you see yourself carving out a niche.

And growing faster the sector specific MBA backed with a firm commitment and a little bit of patience is not a.

Bad decision because my friends in the other batch also they are almost in the same boat they’re looking out for a job themselves I am expecting that there would be more jobs in the market by the month of June and there would be more opportunities than what we get to see right now that brings us to the end of tracking careers the week remember you can log on to the cracking careers page on.

Yu-gi-oh and access all the stories that you’ve watched on the show I show you much for tuning in and do remember.

To write in to us on cracking Korea as you see Viacom so till we meet again next week take care and do keep cracking you.


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