Hello and welcome to MPR’s class notes I’m Alison young today we’re going to explore the various ways that music communicates emotion and we’re going to do that with the help of a friend of mine meet Clark the caterpillar have you ever noticed that when you listen to music it often makes you feel a certain way it’s kind of.

Like feeling peaceful at the sound of a quiet stream the versus feeling jittery when you’re in heavy traffic surrounded by a lot of cars beeping their horns composers know this so when they write music they use different strategies to help create an emotional response.

In listeners let’s listen to a work by bernard herrmann which was used in a very famous movie how does this music make you feel did.

The music make you feel fear now listen to a shortcut from Claude Debussy how does this music make you feel did the music make you feel calm here’s another example that might convey a different emotion how does this piece by.

Frederic Chopin make you feel did the music make you feel sad finally let’s listen to a piece by Gustav Holst that sets a very different tone how does this music make you feel.

Did you guess happiness well if you didn’t that’s okay while it’s true that composers try to make us feel a certain way when listening to music everybody’s different and there are no right or wrong answers so when you listen.

To music just let your heart run free let your imagination go wild and see where the adventure takes you you.


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