I can tell you with absolute conviction that the wim HOF method is both an immune boost as well as a hangover cure now I’ve got two very good examples let’s start off with a hangover cure as evidenced here hello all evolution of Dave signing in with a quick hangover cure now I don’t know whether this will ever be.

Marketed as such I suspect not and in fact those that know me and knows know my videos will know that I’m a.

Big proponent of the use of the wim HOF method and it is exactly that which I believe to.

Hangover cure so you will see from my slightly disheveled look a slightly moist.

Face that last night I indulged in a fair amount of vodka.

For a wedding party so that video was taken the day after a as I pointed out in that video significant amount of vodka consumption now I heard about a couple of hours sleep or after that night and the following day I did something similar so definitely burning the midnight oil you would say and of course lack of.

Sleep excessive alcohol consumption would absolutely have an effect on your immune system now that following day when that video was taken all of my friends were still in bed and were surprised at the.

Fact that I’d taken a two-hour train journey to get back home from London the morning after at about 8:00 in the.

Morning they all suffered with the rest of the day and weren’t feeling particularly good with the wim HOF method combining the power breathing with cold shower a bit of yoga I was absolutely fine now this is where the second topic comes in to add to that I also had a four year old in the family.

With a cold so if you can combine lack of sleep excessive alcohol consumption and a four year old breathing.

Face with germs your body is definitely up against it and would normally as most parents.

Would attest to succumb to some form of illness and this is why I need to be honest for the last year I’ve been doing this wim HOF method and I have.

Not gotten ill once this week about three days ago I felt the onset of a cold again following all those events now this is interesting because you might be out of town from the bags on my eyes the.

Something has been in my system however I would also state it is not at any point kicked in and in fact I feel ten times better than I did two three days ago and for that reason I think that not only does it boost your immune system and that’s proven we know that that’s the case with the wim HOF method but I think if you have.

Cold you can dramatically reduce its impact and in my opinion it’s a bit like if you imagine that cold.

Therapy and bearing in mind now it’s getting out this morning I think it was about six seven notes about seven degrees this morning so when I have my cold shower in the garden that cold.

Water that I guess would normally be about 15 degrees in the house when it reaches the outside temperature it obviously reduces and it therefore what the wim HOF method the cold therapy has a greater effect on my body and of course what happens is when you get that shock.

To the system you get that immediate neuropeptide flooding around the system which boosts your immune system so very interesting experiences for me I can tell you.

With absolute conviction that the wim HOF method absolutely is a proven hangover cure and I can also tell you it absolutely boosts your immune system evolution of Dave signing off thank you for watching bye bye.


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