The province of Manitoba is once again at the top of the list for drowning deaths for children up to four years old the Life Saving Society of Manitoba released their 2018 drowning report on Wednesday finding 12% of all drowning deaths in the province where children in that young age group experts say tragedy can strike in the time it.

Takes to send a text message 100% water related fatalities involving children had absent or inadequate supervision as a factor said flight nurse Sarah painter with stars air ambulance if you are not within arm’s reach you have gone too.

It takes to send a text message could be all that it takes read more Life Saving Society worried legalized marijuana may increase drowning risk on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at burns Hill Provincial Park many parents were on their cell phones snapping pictures and sending messages Kayla gray is a mom of three boys she said she’s careful to watch her children at the beach everybody is living in the social media and wanting to get their best shots so.
I can definitely see that if you look around the amount of people on their.

Phones right now she said it’s usually for a quick picture and that’s it I’m not really the one to browse Instagram and Facebook not at the beach at least.

Read more Life Saving Society teaches drowning prevention in northern Manitoba communities 77% of all drowning deaths that happen in the province take place at lakes ponds and rivers parent Laura Cusack said she knows the risks and is careful we know what to look for she said we don’t take our eyes off our kids as much as we can we have three kids three years old and younger so it’s harder than it seems but.
Handful a quarter of all drowning deaths were people aged.

20 to 34 and 10% were for teenagers aged 15 to 19 experts say all drowning deaths are preventable and are reminding parents to keep their children within reach and to use lifejackets copyright 2018 Global News a division of Corus Entertainment.


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