All hail king oh my toe wise armor gotta be so heavy good morrow kind maidens what if they’ll care to join us on a grand journey through harborough’s Gray’s amazing easy we’re LARPing that’s live-action role-playing for you news using the longest and therefore best fantasy book series ever written by Jay King and we need girls I mean maidens.

To play the other characters I still say we don’t need them I look great in a dress fine I’m in orc but we get to make costumes and token funny voices yeah well we still got our sometimes.

Question to go to so no thanks Franks you know if we play with them you might get just lay a giant you could defeat the Giants with a toy whip you just keep a bow and arrow ready to go like that you don’t now LARPing isn’t like regular playing you have to fully commit I’m not dressed as sir blood mane of fantasy Dale so you should only do this if you could handle that oh I can handle that the.

Question is can you handle this take that ground let’s mop and roll onwards follow me your king what are you – freelance sorceress half fairy princess have bunny barbarian missile cannon why’d you wear all that armor uh to look cool me parking clothes comrades.

Harborough’s is in grave danger a powerful orb has been stolen and taken to the tree house of shadows and.

Must reclaim it for whoever holds the orb holds the answers to all yes or no questions no fair for IBS the warrior king Sonya to thee yeah well I’m huh what am I again level.

One halfling elven Archer yeah I’m the vet and I got my enchanted stuff finding arrow to lead us straight there onward okay that could.


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