Hi assalamualaikum i’m emotion fiscal bid and today we will learn how to we can predict an ad match by ad e m ET analysis by a modern inspirations server and that means amines absorption demons distribution means metabolism amines excretion and demons toxicity so there are lots of way in the way and are available for determination of toxicity of.

A drug but for for in silico way Lipinsky rules is mostly famous and popular among the researcher because Lipinski’s fibrils predict whether a drug is safe or.

For human body and and if we consider the rules in deafness case rules and the rules are the first rules is molecular weight should be less than 500 Trogdon and and the second rules is a hydrogen bond donor must be less than or equal 5 had third rule is hydrogen bond acceptor must be less than or equal to 10 highly proficient your rock p-value.

Acceptance race is less than five and molar if activity should be between 40 to 130.

So if a track is if a track follow all the rules of the fibrils and there below is within a range there could be subtract and if we measure these five rules for a single compound name can fall and here are the prediction we can see but if we want to predict then first we have to copy the name of the compounds then we have to search it in Google by of him because pubchem is a biggest doctor base.

For any compound structure Hades we found the structure in Pupkin and so let’s see the structure yes we found the whole base in the pop camp and we see the structure it’s a small structure so let’s see the Cariocas math because for for the prediction in modern inspiration we need a canonical smash we don’t need the structure.

Or 3d structure or any other type of funds we just need the canonical smash so first we have to copy.

The chemical smells then does this chemical is match in in the enter smells portion then you should press the calculate properties after you submit you can carry smells for a particular compounds you get a result for your compounds and there you can get block PV do molecular weight hydrogen bond.

Donor and hydrogen bond acceptor and others Bidoof which is neat for the prediction of me and if in school so as we consider that the molecule must be within a and s that 500 and.
Compartment of our molecular weight is 150 2.

24 so it passed the first rules and then the hardest rules there they.

Got a and component they got one in hydrogen bond acceptor and hydrogen bond torus and zero so all the criteria of the camo camo is maintained within a within a range of a penis kiss the penis kiss rule so I don’t mean so the compounds maintain and satisfy all the rules of the Venus kiss that’s why we can say that and this compound is a.
Subtract for human consumption.

And we can do further research on this compound and if you want to further effect and further prediction by using modern inspiration we can predict also predict by activity and there we can get a Jeep easier we get an ion channel to learn in different value or different by activity so by the prediction.

Of molestation we got a result for our compounds and we we compare with this standard because the Intel they’re green charlie are fixed.


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