Oh what’s up people we got ourselves a little date time stream much later damn stream that I planned actually thought this is gonna be around two turns out it’s now 3:30 um but as I say the date time streams they’re not as easy for me to control can’t pick the time as well as I can the nighttime ones.

Kind of depends on what I’m doing in the day but I’m here nevertheless I am here um let’s get a tweet out nice and quick right got all the things set to get this tweet is the tweedle Dee’s dearest to marvel champions look the content lately has been fantastic actually.

Of them celebrity good right look the content lately has been fantastic actually but can we get one of them celebrity challenges please I need those you know.
I you know I was thinking about the celebrity challenges I was think.

About the celebrity challenges because they give they give six stones man they give generic six stones they give like 20 generic six stones give like twenty generic six stones and I really want 20 Jarek sixth so yeah all right what’s up people sorry it was so late seriously and actually I I kind of almost forgot about the daytime stream a little bit I’m gonna lie and I was going through my champions and as I.

Got like nearly halfway through all of my four-star champions they’re all cool down right now as I was going through all of the all my champions look at this I could have had an extra team if I want to level.

Thanos but I don’t want to over those but as let’s go through my champions I realized like oh crap I should be streaming right now and I was already almost done with all my cells like all right well let me just finish up.

The champions that I have we finished out the champions that I have and then I’ll turn the stream on so that’s what I did are you getting abducted by aliens and being forced to talk to you maybe I could possibly be it daytime streamed daytime stream Panem NPT yes I got a new one today and tomorrow I think mate well maybe not tomorrow maybe I’ll do on Saturday maybe I’ll do on.

Saturday I got I got to do two this week I’m making up for last week I didn’t do a.

Daytime last week I don’t think maybe I didn’t I just forgot I don’t know Kroy sent it over to Bucks though oh and because my champions aren’t cool down we’re gonna do we’re gonna do MODOK slab first we’re gonna do Moloch slab but cry sent over to puck saying just finishing the playback of last night hashtag timing beautiful works out correct you.

You’re not offended by what’s about to come next because I believe you know what’s coming next it’s just uh just a little bit um thank you dude thank you thank you had to stick up another rank for it was gonna wait for level up but I’m not very patient.

Dude I saw that actually like I looked in the in the Alliance feed and saw some rank ups saw your name on it it tripped it’s pretty trippy because I know.

Where to go people open up crystals it says it’s his fandom and Pete reach rank.

4 on there 5 star Ghost Rider and I’m looking at the picture of ghosts and I see ghosts in there and I’m like wait a.

Minute what do they did he down Reich his ghost or something like that but of course the aughts Ghost Rider not regular ghosts but anyway who was the.

Here let’s we got James James killas 21 first one you’re saying guess who can rank five four star carnage as.

Second ranked five four star nice dude carnage seems like a fun one though we got Str 1066 Clash of clowns it’s not Carson what up guys would I put up around these schools down we got lags in here what’s up lags Kroy uh could use six stones for my new five star cork yeah dude yeah we kept a man Pete my girl star de Stremme it is add a strip yet so hey man he would up everybody all right yeah yeah let’s get this all the way scroll down let’s get it.

Always scroll down Brian my Alliance placed 29 in a queue damn dude 29 that’s.
Pretty good that’s all that maps six.

Kicking in right you said you guys were doing map six this week I think right arena is livestream Brian awake are we in the same wealth it’s up bubble but I’m chillin at my grandparents place watching.

You on my phone muted give the camera cheeky thumbs up if you read this so I know how much you love me that good all right let me okay.

Well at home let me let me see how much time we have on these champions uh BG how do we place so high I don’t know I don’t know if other people if other alliances uh I don’t know if our prestige really went up much if anything I mean it went up a.
Little bit I’m sure but I don’t know if other alliances did.

Less map five this week maybe they’re taking it taking it back maybe with recruitments and stuff like that maybe they were like let’s just do some map for results map format.

Five okay twenty two minutes okay so yeah rate rate at four o’clock here okay good alright um think resol me maybe maybe it was all you Panama people maybe it was all you did you actually get rewards or are you still in.
Period oh dude that’s freaking blackout period sucks man.

Because I think you were still in that right that uh cry.

Sent over another two bucks saying spreadsheet spreadsheets to member not vas on my name read laughs please wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Wait wait what uh-oh dude no not that no dammit not the age not the age just regular Kroy that’s what you’re saying yeah.

Goodness man I’m sorry dude I don’t know I don’t know why I always do that know why I always do that but dude thank you very much for another two bucks all right where is your last message at.

This problem where I watched the playback and want to chime in chat but relays I can’t rip yea.

Dude and I’ve done that before yeah sucks man I wish you were able to not not Vasc my and my name yeah.

I know I know both you guys but yeah I wish I wish you could be in the live streams more like he used to be but yeah such as life but – thank you very much oh oh pediment P you do get.

Nice dude all right cool all right all right let me hop in these labs guys these labs are gonna be.

A little bit tougher than usual because I’m running suicides and I I only have one pointed will power – so like makes it extra tough I have to throw in.


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