Okay so as I have promised you guys and I have announced that I am doing a feature kind of thing on my video that whoever will first comment on my video after I’ve uploaded it that person we get a shout-out on my videos so shout out to this person right over here who have first commented on my video.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so in this video I am going to do my June favorites video now.

This is the first time I’m filming.

A favorite video on my channel and this month favorite video will include products from the month of April and me so yeah I hope you guys will enjoy this and you guys always suggest me that please do a video a more detailed video on products that.

You use so yeah this is it so I hope you guys will enjoy this video and you want to know about this product then please people okay so the first project that I am going to show you guys is this extra virgin coconut oil from married Vico now currently have obsessed with.

Something extra virgin coconut oil extra virgin olive oil I am just obsessed with this stuff so this is my first bottle and I have got another one yeah because I am going to be loving this product and this is actually a cold-pressed coconut oil that you can use everywhere in your body in your skin in your face you know.
Here I have a very oily skin but now.

Using this I did not went through any breakouts or pimples or anything like that this stuff is really good this makes your skin nourishes your skin and just smooths out your skin prevent your hair from falling and yeah I’m just country.

Loving this so the next product that I’m gonna show you guys is a haircare product and this is the GK haircare shampoo this is our moisturizing shampoo and GK stands for global keratin let me.

Give you guys a quick intro my hair is very frizzy and curly kind of hair and I have my character in three months back so those people from the parlor suggested me this shampoo and I am just current in loving this shampoo this bottle is empty right now and I will definitely repurchase.

Color on the length of my hair a bit of color from over there and this is also our color protection shampoo and this is a here taming system which.

Teams down my hair very very easily and just assume that frizziness on my hair and makes my hair very smooth and moisturizes so currently I am using this product this comes with a conditioner.

Using my trusty conditioner so good next thing.

About is this brushes now this brushes I brought them from Amazon you have probably seen me hundred times using these brushes on my videos now this brushes what I like about them is the hold is very thick and heavy which is easy to control when you.

Are applying your makeup and this comes in ten pieces and this comes with their eyeshadow brushes as well which I am loving but the foundation brush is more helpful than those eyeshadow brushes for me.

But for many people the eyeshadow brushes are more helpful – little brushes are also good they are not bad so yeah the bristles as you can see are not synthetic they are fiber bristles and which is very soft and you can control them very easily so yeah I just love this thing about these brushes and this.


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