The water came so famous we didn’t think it was gonna be six foot award you know yeah la vivienda last Bonavista que tiene la camioneta in American Samoa agarra la esquina una tienda photo local concern was a service it was just pure chaos after hurricane Harvey RSVP we really strive to give our homeowners a prompt unpredictable recovery kanoon.

Fin liebe padre de mis hijos otra vez focus soley s BP is built on a foundation of the Toyota Production system instead of just writing a check you know towards recovery in general or even immediate response let’s think long-term and establish SBP there and.

Toyota leadership so that’s a no-brainer let’s do it in sharing our knowledge of TPS and volunteers and client services.

We’re able to work with other organizations as a multiplier effect to move more families home and that knowledge has been pivotal for SBP and now we are sharing it with as many organizations in the community as we can their advice and their training have been priceless SBP is.
Our partner in making sure that they go from local Houstonians that.

Love people want to help people to people who actually know what they’re.

Doing in the recovery world.

We had no rebuild experience it had always been a hope of ours to get into rebuild in partnering with SBP they taught us almost everything from the ground up we trained with them on the GPS system we’ve taken that system and it’s helped us become more efficient as long.

As they’re willing to share what they know how to do well we’ll get people home faster we cannot move them home without the help of volunteers we are looking for volunteers every day of the week is VPS kimonos an Achilles gate I.


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