Good morning everyone welcome to that ranch I’m doctor Lee and we have a sad case for you today this little puppy was hit by a car and taken to one of the local pounds where she was going to be put to sleep but one of the rescuers brought her to us to see if we can fix her work.

That’s a sad face but the tale works all right and this little girl came in yesterday this is princess.

And princess we x-rayed her leg but she was limping really really badly and she’s got a broken leg we got it fresh it’s about a five day old fracture so we have a surgeon coming in in three days to fix that so we’ll show you the x-rays next but anyway meet little princes she.

Is a sweet sweet puppy how old is she Michelle she still has all of her baby teeth right yep yeah all right okay this is princess’s x-ray.
And this is the pelvis right here that’s the structure right.

There this is the spine coming down this way and.

There’s her tail right here this is her back legs there’s her hip joints right there.

And basically what we’ve got here is we’ve got a separation at what’s called the sacroiliac joint that’s where the spine hooks into the pelvis and these areas right here that’s been separated this may be a bit of a separation but that that’s also called a synthesis and.

It’s just like a it’s just like a growth plate just like these lines right here that’s the way that.

The bones grow and that’s probably open right there just because she’s a baby it’ll be filled in with bone later you can see where this synthesis never really filled in completely but that.

What that one should as she ages so we’ve got a sure up there in the sacroiliac and let me bring another one of her x-rays over here and I’ll show you another fracture she has.

Princess also has a fracture at the end of her.

Femur and this is her femur bone right here she’s fractured the end off of that we’ll get you another view of it this is the bone that’s broken this is the femur this is the upper leg bone it’s.

Broken at the end however this.

Fracture is only five days old so it’s not started trying to fuse yet there’s her kneecap out there to the end this is the femur what it normally should look like and you can see this end part.

Right here should be kicked up that way and instead it’s pulled back around all these muscles right in here hook on right here and they’ve pulled that back under so what we’re going to do we’re gonna.
Get a surgeon to come in and take this piece and straighten.

It out and then put pins in it to hold it into place and then he’s going to go back over here in the pelvis where I showed you while ago and he will take care of that as well here’s our little princess girl she’s all anesthetized got fluids going into her leg the little beeper that you hear that’s the monitors that’s hooked up to her tongue right there and that’s just telling us how well their hearts going and how much oxygen.

She has in her blood and here’s her leg all shaved up when the surgeons get here they’ll get it probably do a little bit more shaving in specific areas and then get it all sternal prepped get her all covered with drapes and all sterile and then we’ll get her surgery done you got that broken piece in position there dr.


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