What does that it’s MIT guy and today I’m gonna be making me part two of the platformer game that I made recently what actually not so recently but it’s the updated version and I just wanted to add levels because a lot of you guys were requesting it and this may go on to be a complete game or maybe.

Ended here most likely I’ll add a part three into part four but today we’re gonna be working on the basic physics.

Of the game and adding levels alright so the first thing we want to do is.

We’re gonna change up the style a little bit so first of all this is our gameplay so far so you press the green flag and you can see that we jump pretty high and it’s pretty easy to make.

Think that it’s a little too slow and I think that the jump is a little too high so what we should do is we should say if such an color black if key up is pressed set Y V to five this creates more realistic jump since I most likely can’t jump that high usually second thing.

We want to do is we’re going to delete this costume and I hope yeah here we go all we gonna do is take a dark blue and we’re gonna make one all right let’s put in the middle and that’s it so the game’s gonna be.

Called blue pixel and yeah so now you’re probably wondering okay cool we had this level so the first level is gonna be just a simple we’re gonna clear this and we’re gonna make it into a sprite and all its gonna be is like this okay.

So let’s convert to vector you guys that’s going to make it a lot easier to change things in the future but we’re just gonna go like this and like this and then we’re gonna add some text and we’re gonna say and I’m gonna make it white I’m gonna bei run across hold on okay run across that’s it and I might.

Remove this actually cuz it doesn’t look too good but usually in platformers.

They have some text and I can put.

This under okay right across that’s it so we’re gonna say one flag is clicked we want to set the size to 100% and we also want to go to the middle go to X zero kondeh zero so here we see this now we always want the background.

To be in the very back so we can say go back and for now we can just set it to ten so as you can see the blue pixel stands right here and what we want to do is we want to create a variable called levels so this.

Is gonna be a sprite I mean a variable for all sprites and we want to do is set level to zero when we start so when level or else set it to level yeah level zero because it’s kind of like the.

Intro so we’re gonna say one flag it’s clicked forever and then we’re just gonna say set or let’s see where the background is set what can I find it switch costume to costume to let’s say we put a level in here.

Just want to see what happens okay I remember there being a way to set this switch the costume okay let’s see switch from next costume Oh next class a Methodist okay so what we want to do is say one flag II slept switch costume to costume one and then when I receive and we’re just going to create a message called next level I believe I misspelled that all right ah rename broadcast next costume so basically the next thing we.

Want to do is make sure that when the game starts we want to set um we’re gonna say one flag is clicked go to and then we’ll just make it right here so I think it should be negative 200 and negative 20 okay we’ll make it a little bit higher so we can say zero and all you.

Have to do is run it across and we’ll put a little instruction here saying arrow keys so we can do this I’d say arrow keys will make this a little smaller and we’re putting this.

In right here okay awesome so the next thing you.

Want to do which is going to be the last thing for right now is we’re going to add a costume and we’re going to basically all it’s going to be is a kind of portal looking thing so it’s going to be like this shade of grey and we’re.

Gonna make it filled in I believe and should we look like this okay yes perfect right there that looks about right let’s stretch it out a bit and then inside we want to make it a little bit lighter.
Or are we not and then for now we’ll just make it like another circle.

There we go so this is it so far and what we can do is drag this whole entire thing down a bit and then.
We can actually just do this so make.

A dark grey like this just add some more kind of touch.

To it that is bugging me because it’s not centered let’s zoom in on this let’s scroll over a little bit let’s use this selector tool and let’s Center it there we go alright so that’s gonna be it for this tutorial and I’m gonna be creating a part 3 soon so basically today we just worked on the level 1 and fitting and fixing up some of the physics thanks for watching I’ll see you guys next time and.


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