One of the techniques for repairing the damage caused by recession is a very special technique that I’m certified in called pinhole surgery which requires no sutures and no scalpel no cutting and we don’t take any tissue from other parts of your mouth that leave you uncomfortable and very sore the procedure is predictable it’s been around for a long.

Time and it gives a great result introducing Chou pinhole gum rejuvenations pinhole surgical technique before conventional gum grafting required cutting tissue from the roof of the mouth.

The gum is then cut over the area of the recession and lifted the tissue from the palate is placed over the recession’s once complete sutures hold the graft in place during healing now with.

Their new revolutionary Chau pinhole gum rejuvenation gum recession is corrected without cutting or stitches this new process begins the tiny entry point that is made in the gum then a.

Special dental instrument is placed through the pinhole to free the gums with gentle movements once free the gums are guided down into a healthy position.

When the recessed gums are corrected tiny collagen strips are placed inside to help stabilize the gums incredibly the pinhole heals rather quickly and often overnight when complete the receding gums are corrected with a minimally invasive treatment that is quick easy.
And instantly pleasing well if you think this is.

A problem that needs resolution in your mouth I invite you to call our office and come in for a free consultation to see if it’s appropriate for you.


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