I am back to give you another story but this one is about a friend of mine named me see some time last week about Japanese City given up in a prescription read octopushy I said can you breathe with all the features that exist like what are some lives that pharmacist and I’m talk about that quality eternity stupidy telling.

To take that challenge but music as me you said I’m an allegory I would sure she I could spend pharmacy now sometimes under this year.

The kanji woke up tire and big scare they was unusually some career that they have a job soon little auntie auntie just so everything is comfortable a little confused I don’t understand it it has been information circulating on social media everything on google do nothing agenda and fake news on the radio and the television but you know delivery most is that feeding medication let me.
Gather story about me I grew up with my mom then.

For granny but she never did it is not an artificial everything is natural big open to language the original prefer supplemental one day I am granny Queen on the road we just every market with our already heavy load Marcy and God bless my eyesight local common but I live in a room and I’m not recognized and who this Marcia but.

My granny do make glasses she I am good eyesight she used to commercialize before she sleep at night it’s only when we get close that is when I realize who this master which she bare eyes my granny’s that’s ready miss.

Me I was really shocked to hold fun Marcy so thank you.

Thank you we have come to the end of our show no no no don’t go let’s bring on mrs.

If any more the original organized.



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