And this is why I’m so passionate about our lifestyles today I’m dr.

Andrew Fenton I’m the practice principal of century lifestyle clinic and an integrative and lifestyle focused general practitioner of privilege today just to talk a little bit about why I lifestyles the best medicine with God there’s so many reasons for that and I think if you really.

Look at the burden of disease that is in our community the vast majority of that could be prevented and this is why I’m so passionate about lifestyle medicine the current budget that.

We’re spending in the health sector is unsustainable long term it’s going to eventually cause problems to our governments to fund the health care needs that we have lifestyle medicine works it’s simple its effective and it’s very low cost and it actually works better than many of the lessons we’ve got that’s why I’m so passionate about doing this promoting it to my patients.
10,000 twice is an initiative to.

Really try and help the chronic disease burden in the December Civic in particular I understand there is a very heavy burden of non communicable diseases particularly diabetes in South Pacific in fact we.

In the top six nations of the world for incidents of data type 2 diabetes residing in South Mississippi means that these crisis really is and we can do something about that and that’s why century lifestyle Inc and myself are going to support any Alamitos and we are going to do our best to make that work.

Because we can’t afford not to.



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