Welcome to lifestyle good marriage I have been disappointed by the news and opinion articles appearing in our libertarian Canadian press regarding society’s preoccupation with obesity health professionals including doctors and nurses are being criticized for harboring negative stereotypes when dealing with overweight and obese patients an article published in The Globe and Mail which is Canada’s national newspaper On June.
13 2018 and titled why fatphobia needs to stop claims.

That doctors aren’t infallible they are just people and people have biases and prejudices doctors are.

Just as racist sexist and fat phobic as anyone else the article goes on to say instead of religion people think of health as a virtue and as a value saying that fat people aren’t healthy a second article was posted in CBC News on August 3rd 2018 and titled a British Columbia woman’s obituary called out fat shaming in the medical community here are some quotes from that article fearing the.

Doctor is not an irrational response but a learned behavior born from years of humiliation for fat people it means their symptoms are often dismissed they become less willing to go to the doctor and they.

Often get less care when they do it is interesting to see that the word fat phobia has crept into our lexicon.

You may recall that phobia means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something do you feel that this is a suitable word to describe the attitude of.

Health professionals this might be a good opportunity to review some of the medical consequences of obesity these are issues that every physician is aware of and perhaps they do not take the time to discuss them in our visits I’m going to refer to an article published.
In the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism by dr.
George Bray his approach is to divide the clinical effects of obesity into two categories which makes it much simpler to understand the two divisions are first the effects of the increased mass of fat cells found in obesity the second category stems from the metabolic changes caused by the fat cells let us consider the.

Medical consequences of the increase in fat mass an increase in neck.

Or corner size due to excess fat accumulation often triggers a condition called obstructive sleep apnea one of the symptoms.

That family members often report is that the individual snores loudly they may even have noticed that he or she stops breathing and struggles to resume breathing these symptoms are frequently ignored and most cases remain undiagnosed we may not realize that when there is obstructive breathing the oxygen level in the blood decreases rapidly which can trigger a heart death and sudden death obstructive sleep apnea is.

Also implicated in car accidents so it can have serious societal consequences these breathing problems are aggravated by the excess.

Fat on the chest which impairs our ability to raise the ribs to bring air into the lungs in other words there is also.

A restriction in breathing obesity increases the incidence of osteoarthritis one may expect that the arthritis would mainly be in the weight-bearing joints that is the hips knees and feet this is related not only to the excess will and tear on these joints but also sedentary lifestyle exercise actually improves metabolism in our joints medical research has shown that.

There is also an increased incidence of osteoarthritis in the non-weight-bearing joints such as these small joints of the hands a.

Third consequence of obesity is the psychosocial dysfunction related to excess fat mass there is documented stigma in society the media and in the health profession as those articles mentioned this can also impact employment opportunities obesity is linked.

To increased depression and anxiety especially in women weight loss has been shown to improve psychosocial health the second category is related to the metabolic activity of fat cells I will not review the physiological changes since they are very complicated let me just say that fat.

Cells are metabolically active and they release inflammatory chemicals studies showed that the body shifts into a higher inflammatory State for example the white blood cell count of obese individuals is higher even when there is no infection inflammatory markers such as CR we are also elevated biological explanations such as these are important whenever researchers are making a case for causality since excess body weight.

Poor diet and physical inactivity invariably coexist so that some scientists have argued that a high EMI is simply a surrogate marker for these other issues these changes are serious.

With widespread consequences obese young women will develop irregular menstrual cycles and become infertile.

In a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome this condition has now become common which is adversely affecting birth rate they will also report thinning of hair on the scalp but increased body and facial hair there is also a high risk of future diabetes fortunately.
This condition may be reversible by losing weight fatty liver.

Disease has become increasingly common although in many cases this condition is benign a subset of patients will progress to fibrosis of the liver and cirrhosis we know that the risk of type 2 diabetes increases with increasing weight however many of us do not understand the magnitude of the risk as BMI increases from a normal value in men of 24 to 35 which is.

Obese the risk of diabetes increases 60 times diabetes significantly increases the risk of blindness heart attack stroke amputations kidney disease and death cholesterol values also.

Become abnormal which increases the risk of all these diseases again medical research shows that all these abnormalities can be improved by weight control blood pressure rises with increasing weight high blood pressure increases.

The work of the heart which leads to thickening of heart muscle it also increases thickening of the blood vessels throughout the body by more cholesterol deposition this interferes with blood flow to all the wider organs eventually damaging them a 1kg loss of body weight reduces blood pressure by one millimeter of mercury to summarize excess body.

Weight acts through three clusters the first is insulin glucose and diabetes the second is cholesterol and the third is BMI and blood pressure all three overlap to increase death rate one study reported that for each 1kg rise in body weight there was a 1.5 percent increase in cardiac death the rate of cancer also increases in overweight individuals in overweight men the risk of colon rectum and prostate cancer Rises in women the rate of breast uterine and gallbladder cancer increase female hormones called estrogen from.

Fat cells increase in men and postmenopausal women which may account for the rise in cancer rates obviously cancer and cardiovascular disease are not the exclusive domain of the obese we have all seen these conditions in slim individuals however scientists are now warning that obesity will soon overtake smoking as the leading cause of premature death a group of researchers are trying to prove that obesity is not the cause but the result.

Of metabolic abnormalities I feel that this bystander approach is doing a.

Disservice to individuals struggling.

With these issues most physicians believe that patients can assist themselves and should not be treated as victims similarly almost all of the conditions that I have mentioned can be reversed or.

Improved by lifestyle changes the fact that our physician repeatedly brings up the subject of healthy eating exercise and weight control is.

Really in our best interest I hope you found this talk informative thank you for watching subscribe if you want to get further notifications of my videos.


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