And we are moving into a second conversation for today we’re getting a head start World Diabetes Day is November 14th every single year and we know this is an issue we need to keep on talking about in Belize and so we have with us two representatives from the Belize Diabetes Association we have William Dawson who’s the public relations.

And we have the executive secretary desura Daniels good morning and welcome so I want to find out about the Association to start off with you know we’re we’re used to some familiar faces coming in but it seems that.

Things have shifted around at the Association a recent AGM we just take turns to come out and promote diabetes yeah why are you involved with this association am involved with the Association as a supporter because my dad was diabetic therefore I needed to learn more about the disease and how to care for him deandre he was diagnosed at four years old he’s now.

17 and he’s been living condition and learning how to manage it so as observers to people living with this disease what’s.

Learned about what it’s like to live with diabetes well you know it is a chronic condition but it if managed well it does not have to be fatal you know and statistics have shown that.

There are is at least 18 percent of pollutants living with the condition and so we’re trying our best to Bill awareness because it is a serious condition if not managed and many deaths have been attributed from diabetes in.

Of the leading causes of death continuously in this country is diabetes related whether it’s complications or even up to to renal failure that’s a very alarming issue because of what you’ve said you know it’s 18 percent now it’s still a significant number but management can help a lot build awareness and and true as much as we’ll talk a bit more about some of the events leading up to 11 states here why is it so.

Hard to manage from your from your observation from your conversations with the support group with the Association why do people struggle in management most people struggle in management because sometimes they don’t really give much thought to being diabetic and how it affects them on a daily level so they would go about and although you know that you’re not supposed.

To be eating and drinking unhealthy foods like disorders especially and the high carbs food fried food most people are out working majority of.

The day so they just grab anything to eat and so on so it’s more than that you need to manage what you eat home and take along your food to work or school as it relates to type one diabetics and it’s most of our.

Poor management closely personal friend of mine and my dad’s best friend’s daughter but what is interesting for me is I’m looking at down shirt family on diabetes a lot of times we look at the disease and a person actually is suffering through it but we don’t factor in and appreciate what the people who love them and around them I go through and they have their dips or when in.

The case of maybe an amputation when you already your dad was a very powerful articulate independent man and I can remember when he he got his like it was a bit different how are you able to emotionally manage the certificate I know the effect of it know is that you’ve been positively active in the Association but how does it turn a.

Day to day how do you manage the looking at someone that you love your son your father and managing the emotional ups and downs of the season you have its most of our cities you know acceptance is what is very important when you’re diagnosed with diabetes because upsetting the condition helps you to live a more healthy lifestyle you need to drink a medication and know that people are there for you and hence the reason for the.

Need the support of the family yeah that is very important to make sure that the diabetic is being treated normal and the family could even eat together and so that they know that I don’t have to be eating this sort of food and then you eat that sort of different and the whole thing is that healthy eating healthy eating for the entire family.

Not only do they have it William I want to hear some of your insight because juvenile diabetes is scary for a parent especially when you they get diagnosed at four you know you’re talking about dropping sugar in the middle of the night that your timing died because.

They don’t know all the signs and symptoms as yet your child is now 17 deandre said okay DeAndre is now.

17 tell me what it was like for you to have to be with him on this journey as he learned to live with the disease and you learned how to help him live with the condition well you know diandra being diagnosed was one of the main reasons why I joined the Diabetes Association we.

Quite rightly mentioned it was very scary having a child living with the Conda and almost no children especially around that early age.

Of 417 love to indulge in sweets yeah you know and and it tore him up psychologically and myself as his dad you know and that’s why I like this year’s team the family and diabetes because it really takes entire family to support her.

There was were times that I was.

You know overwhelmed you know and going to work or having to go to work and can leave worker or have to explain why I have to be working such a regular basis to attend to my only son you know so there’s a lot of battles involved personally trying to assist him to get through but truly Association we has we have made major strides in building.

Awareness even in the schools and and that’s one of our plans to actually go into the schools and even into the workplace because sometimes you have co-workers who are diabetic and we don’t know how to to treat them you know if they go into a diabetic.

Shocker or otherwise so it’s important to build awareness and in our children like you know the association will last three young people in the past three years consecutively from the condition so for us it’s it’s no more tough we’re working this this year and making sure that we get the word out there babies is a silent killer if it’s not if you don’t have the awareness and the ability to manage the condition take it very seriously you have an excellent program your summer camp where you get all kids together who have.


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