Honestly I had some pretty strong opinions about plastic surgery before just the word plastic made me think fake or false I like Who I am and being authentic is important to me but let’s face it real isn’t always well ideal I don’t always get to choose how life and time mark my body but don’t I have a right.

To say which marks I keep plastic I’ve since learned actually means flexible it’s from the ancient Greek word plastic os– meaning to mold or form it’s more about freedom to change my mind my circumstances the way.

I choose to interact with the world and yes my own body it’s the freedom to take back some of what life took from me and the freedom to restore what I chose to give it’s the freedom to change my own mind and break free of my own assumptions about what I can and cannot.

Change about my life thanks to a caring and skilled plastic surgeon I learned firsthand the value of plasticity I learned that flexible does not fade I learned that some of life’s problems don’t have to be suffered through they could just.

Be solved I learned that all that mental energy that used to be wasted on self-consciousness and discomfort it can be freed up for simply enjoying my life.

Now I’m just so glad I gave myself the gift of change that I decided I am free to be what I want to be to live the most authentic life I can and to shape the body I want to live in.
Paul Lowenstein is an ideal implant premier.

Network surgeon offering the latest technology to women in the Greater Milwaukee area dr. Lowenstein stands among the nation’s most experienced ideal implant surgeons with unsurpassed expertise in helping women achieve the beautiful results they want without compromising their peace of mind contact our office.


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