So asking why I said that come out my name is Greg Whitehead I’m the sales and marketing guy for younger heart pharmacy out of Indianapolis is located on the north side 465 and interstate or u. 31 and this is simulate she’s our nurse and customer and she does customer service she does a lot of different things and we’re.

Here today to talk to you about having a heart pharmacy and as I said again sir any many questions that you have life designs we will start using young-at-heart the first of November and we’ve been.

Collecting data and honing in our processes for you to hopefully and I feel very good about making your lives easier and happier to interact with the pharmacy and based on some things that we found out this morning I think you’d be pretty happy with what we have to offer that being said are you familiar with the type of packaging that.

We’re going to be changing you to the strict packaging so have you seen that I sent out that email and then it’s in front of you also okay so some of you are probably probably familiar with this one that would familiar or even a vial right some people maybe not.

Most on this okay so as of the first we’re going to be doing all your routine medications into this type of packaging you know like what seems different so the idea is that you’ll have morning afternoon evening bedtime morning afternoon evening bedtime okay and they’ll come in a little roll I’m going to your.

Spots and when they arrive you’ll have something like this at your home okay and each person there’s a place actually where they can put their name and we’re still trying to.

Figure out if we’re gonna provide you with some type of sticker to put on top but when you get your your new orders.

Or your cycle tow for the next two weeks because this will be a two-week supply.
Use up the very last Med this one right here your.

Box will be empty so go to the storage or wherever they’re at at the time this will be rolled.

Up and stick that inside close the lid and it will be ready to go so make the Pez dispensers that spit out the candy that’s the same philosophy okay and you just pull out and they’ll be dated and there will be a time on there so today is the 25th and the afternoon this is the 25th in the afternoon now people send in the morning well how many can you fit in that little package we’re gonna make sure there’s no can you see me okay those people.

That are off-site okay what if somebody’s taking more than four pills which can fit four can fit in this little package then they’ll have two packages we’ve had some people up to four packages at that particular time actually that packed one at one to two to three or three.

Idea is you have the person’s name it’s got the date and the time on there and the important thing to remember.
Is when you’re pulling those out you pull them out.

Until the time changes okay so today’s ten ten to twenty five with 18 I’ve taken my afternoons my evening one should be ready to go and when the evening one is given the.

Bed type meds but whatever time that would be would be up next give that one then the next morning start so you just kind of.


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