So what exactly are we listening for uh well they’ve got a couple different kinds of calls they’ve got a short call that sounds sort of like this so we’re looking for something called piker yeah make us what our pikas they’re a little rabbit relative they can’t live in warm temperatures and they’re restricted to just the tops of the.

Mountains oh nice yeah as a nice phone call three years ago when I was here there were more pikas here and now hardly at all yeah the temperatures here have increased more than they have on the global average so they’re pushed up and up and up as it gets warmer and warmer the pikas are more likely to.

Go further up just to stay cold yeah the problem is in the past climate change relatively gradually and species had time to move to change their range now if we sort of just project how fast animals can move and how long it is between generation times.

Animals aren’t gonna be able to keep pace they’re not gonna be able to move north but it’s not just pikas that are threatened pegas are you know.
Sort of a canary in the coalmine for.

What’s happening with climate change I knew somebody you know more than half of the small mammals they looked at we’re disappearing from low elevation sites.

There be other reasons where the pike are disappearing and not just climate change they’re not hunted for food no people don’t hunt them their skin would be really small skin maybe like you’d be a lot of them to have a glove yeah at the mouse this is one of those cases where it seems to.

Be just climate change is definitely just climate change that’s what all of the evidence is towards I’ll be honest I’d never even heard.

About the piker before but now I’m worried about the little guy there’s a bunch of species that live in what we call sky islands if climate change is pushing high-elevation species out of their habitat other other ways it’s impacting animals around the world what about in Africa where human life began the place where so many of our iconic animals live.


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