Hello again and welcome back my name is Tom Nelson this is video lesson number 12 it’s step six of the six steps to gaining complete control over your diabetes this is part six conducting a kidney cleanse after completing the bowel the bowel cleanse the second cleanse is the kidney cleanse the kidneys are among the most impacted of all.

Your organs they should be periodically cleanse just like any filter and it should be done to remove the toxins deposits of sodium and other things and debris lectins and.

Agglutinated dietary debris.

Your kidneys and they will clog the filters the filters are called nephrons your kidneys filter all of your blood up to twenty-five times.
Each day so that means once just less than an hour each hour all of the.

Blood in your body is going to pass through the kidneys and be filtered so it is very helpful if they are in top condition so the kidneys are going to regulate the fluid volume in your body.

They’re going to regulate the sodium concentration in your blood we talked about this in the step number two when you rehydrate it your body they help regulate the pH in your body as well and they play a part in regulating your blood pressure they get rid of your body of many incompatible substances and accumulated junk so they’re going to manufacture your urine and they’re going to use it to flush out all of those undesirable substances so high blood pressure and.

Elevated blood sugars are going to damage those two million filters that are found in your two kidneys.

There’s a million of these nephron filters in each of your kidneys cleanses will not repair the damage to those kidney filters but it can help reduce the risk of future damage and the development of kidney stones dehydration is a very common cause of the development of kidney stone and dehydration is a common cause of other issues besides kin kidney stones salts like calcium oxalate uric acid.

Cysteine and Zann seen all build-up on the inner surfaces of your kidneys filters they form crystals that are going to enlarge and become stones chemicals from a bad diet combined with these salts and.

They increase the likelihood of developing more stones the kidney cleanse can dissolve kidney stones.

And they can prevent the formation of new ones so conducting the kidney cleanse a kidney cleanse should be preceded by.

A three-day fast so you drink one gallon of apple juice and one gallon of distilled water each day no food at all if you get hungry drink a full glass of very cold filtered water and/or juice and no sugar added the distilled water is going to collect mineral deposits that have accumulated throughout your body including inside your kidneys so be aware.

That the distilled water will strip your body of all of the minerals which are very important to your health so they’re going to have to be replaced when you take your.

Multivitamins each day after the cleanse so the apple juice is going to soften the deposits the stones and so forth that have collected in the gall bladder and enable their removal it’s important that you generate.

At least one gallon of urine each day during the cleanse restore the lost trace.


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