Yeah all right so this message is do we have cancer Scorpio Pisces underlying energy amount of one’s needing to find some courage strength sound of cups emotional fulfillment holding on so that’s why I need goddamnit so I was hoping y’all region change I was trying to bring nothing negative into y’all read I’m hoping that it change hoping that.

You know hey that was just for a certain few of y’all held on what y’all got going on why are you.

A decision you’re afraid to make a decision and results will swords unwilling it’s not that you’re unable because I’m seeing here you’re very much able for of chemicals talks about you holding on so you’re able to make a decision but you’re unwilling to make a decision you’re unwilling to move out of what state you’re in but the wheel is turning alright so why why is this son.

Of cups here sent up cups emotional fulfillment could be done with a family full car got a new opportunity here so so someone’s worried that they’re being taken advantage of songs worried that it’s all worried that they’re not gonna be.

Move forward holding on so I’m Arif this my way and then I read to you actually me read it to you the way that the regular writer.

Wait there’s a new opportunity for emotional fulfillment but someone is imbalanced or worried about moving on because of financial issues now let me read it to you the way I’m gonna read it to you move the on listen you got a whole new opportunity a clean slate it like at life right now but you’re worried about moving forward you’re worried about reevaluating a situation that you’re already not happy.

In you’re holding on to this 10 of cups worry about moving forward so this is fear let go the fear and move forward the fear is the only thing that’s keeping you in this.

Situation you’re not happy for Pentacles here you’re not happy you’re holding on to the idea of what this happens is because you’re worried about moving forward you don’t want to look foolish why this.

For chemicals here I guess for compass here holding on to a commitment hold on to what she deem is stable with that night of chemicals I’ve just seen listen tonight is still night mm-hmm some of you guys need to find the courage you’re holding on your guard against me before so you guys are needed to find the courage magician here a to pinnacles lover some of you guys are needing to find.

The courage to remove yourself from a cycle that you put too much time invested a lot of sinuses some of you guys are holding on to this is why this I just seen the tool Pentacles come up so some of you guys are doing with the earth sign because that was their underlying energy for the earth science there’s an imbalance within this.

Situation because someone’s holding on to a cycle nearly four and five natural reasons afraid to let go are just a fear of letting go needed to find the courage to choose themselves to put invest love into themselves someone’s.

Holding onto a situation that is not beneficial to them.

Well unfortunately the will is moving this is in your external circumstances influences whatever I call it someone’s looking down the rabbit hole watching transformation takes place I know what the hell I’m talking about the cycle has completed here the wheel is turning – car – open or closed ASAP enter.

The two Pentacles become one pinnacle so where there is an imbalance there is no longer gonna be an imbalance death is going to come in and swipe.

Clean whatever needs to be clean now for this desk or something you guys could be dealing with a Scorpio this could be a Scorpio changing things finding balance between themselves mover.

Torment opportunity if this is not a Scorpio that is finding balance because some you guys are dealing with the water sign that is finding balance if this is not a Scorpio finding balance someone is allowing transformation to happen to an imbalance situation and in order to gain a new opportunity or in order to gain some type of balance two becomes one so somebody’s leaving situation.

You may not be making decision or you may be unwilling to make a decision but from the external influences someone has made the decision or someone will be making the decision the world is turning house is being cooked so let’s see why this page occurs here this could be thinking about someone new some of you guys you don’t want to.

Make the decision because it has something to do with a child you needed to find the strength to move away from deception to see hi yeah yeah to see that your shoes and heartache 7’o soars.

High priest is two of Wands three Oh swords you waiting you deciding to wait it’s bringing heartache to a situation judgement High Priestess you need to make two since you follow your intuition move for it give birth to your dreams some of you guys there’s a new person here that you may be going back and forth with but needing to find the courage to make the decision.

To move toward the secret this person is a secret you’re done with a seeker person there’s something dieting about that but when I tell you the will is changing because there’s a.

Lot going on or a lot and will be going on queen of swords if I were you I make the decision or move for before this wheel changes because as well as gone brain major transformation I’m telling you to become one – Oh sores hit.

Rising food sources start carding reverse there’s a new opportunity a solid opportunity to move forward but someone isn’t making the decision to do that someone has lost hope and an opportunity or lost hope within themselves when the.

Ones and the underlying energy needing to focus on moving in in the direction someone needs to move in a new direction but they’ve lost hope so they are basically unwilling to make a decision now holding on hold on someone scold them on two manifestations may be holding on.
Hope you need to find the courage or.

The strength to move or you’re very defensive about finding balance within this situation that we need to find that the courage to move forward make the decision so the guidance we have is to open your heart to love okay with fertility yes you can.
Do it you can start something new you just got.

Decision open your heart to love and when I say open the heart to love if y’all in a relationship why you got to open your heart to love so obviously I’m not talking about what you then there’s something new here for you yes yes yes yes yes there’s.

Something new before you yes you need to make the decision move forward it’s all I got y’all you can do it that’s all i’ma tell y’all detach from drama y’all have a good day please.


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