This is an important message to diabetics from the doctors at the International Council for truth in medicine a breakthrough in diabetes has been achieved and yet we have been threatened we have received takedown orders we are in danger of losing our medical licenses simply for exposing this information if you have diabetes pre-diabetes or know someone with these conditions.

Then listen carefully as the following presentation just might save your life last year we.

Helped seventeen thousand five hundred and forty two type 2 diabetics normalize their blood sugar.

Fix insulin sensitivity and end the need for prescription drugs insulin injections and blood sugar.

Monitoring this year we’re on track to help over 30,000 diabetics achieve the impossible these techniques have already been used successfully by people in over 40 countries.

And have helped type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for drugs and insulin injections while helping type ones greatly reduce their drug and injection dosages pharmaceutical companies have been suppressing this information for decades drug companies stand to lose billions of dollars in profits if diabetics learned the truth about their disease and begin using these cheap and much more.

Effective treatments to reverse the type 2 diabetes.

Normalized blood sugar fix insulin resistance and avoid all the horrible diabetes complications that are waiting for them way further down the road this treatment so easy so effective so natural and so inexpensive it might as well be free backed by over 120 scientific studies from some of the world’s top scientific journals and verified by natural which is in world’s number one health news website with over 12 million monthly readers proven by.

World-renowned doctors and researchers from all across the globe now if you simply watch this presentation until the end.

And do exactly what it says 21 days from now you will feel like a completely new person now I’d like to pass the mic on to my colleague dr.

meadow and after working in the diabetes.

Industry for over two decades our team has witnessed our share of lies and deceit we were also able to uncover the truth about insulin resistance diabetes drugs and blood sugar I decided to join the IC TM and help them in their quest to bring the truth about.

A completely natural treatment that attacks the root cause of diabetes it is so revolutionary that the medical establishment has actually been hiding it from you on purpose a treatment.

That’s 100% proven effective yet not used by your doctor and not no to 99% of all doctors around the world imagine if this natural secret can give you a radical shift in your.

The better and instantly improve your quality of life and in fact even reverse your type 2 diabetes while melting away all doubt and worry it does not matter if diabetes has been in your family for generations or you’ve struggled with it for 50 years our treatment works on newly diagnosed diabetics as well as.

People who have struggled for decades and are losing hope join us in taking these first steps commit the next 7 minutes to this presentation and your future good health if you watch our presentation carefully I.
Promise you will believe that it’s possible you will know that it’s.

Possible as a scientific fact and then only moments later you will begin the process of naturally reversing your type-2 by treating it right at the source.

Right here today right now that way you won’t just know it’s true you’ll see the results with your very own eyes you will feel the results inside your own body forty eight thousand nine hundred and thirty-one is exactly how many people have now used this secret I am about to share with you to radically improve their diabetes just last year we helped seventeen.

Thousand five hundred and forty two diabetics this year we are on track to help thirty thousand more the only question is will you be one of them real results without surgery without needles without pills and without visiting a doctor yes.

Even type one diabetics see an.

Immense difference in their diabetes these forty eight thousand individuals are now enjoying normal lives without worrying about dying their glucose levels remain in normal ranges no matter.

Which foods they eat no matter how much or how little they exercise no matter how stressful their lives are no matter how much sleep they get imagine just living a normal life doesn’t this sound nice how would you like to feel like this every day to.

Feel normal again just like everyone else no more drugs no bland diets no fear of Horrible diabetes complications no more needles no stressful doctor’s visits no fear of early death no fear of blindness or amputations the freedom to simply live life eat your favorite foods and just enjoy every day spend time with your kids or grandkids and know that you will be there with them watching them grow and sharing many wonderful moments with them know that you’ll be there for your spouse instead of being a constant burden know that they can count on.

Fear stress and doubt just floating away as prescription drugs glucose.

Monitors and finger pricks become a thing of the past imagine the fear crippling you inside releasing letting go and never coming back you know what’s going to happen the real you will come out a healthy energetic and happy you that you forgot you even had inside but don’t take my word for it I’ll let the shocking scientific studies and clinical trials which I will get to in a little bit and our 48,000 healthy individuals do the job let’s hear from.

One of them now I was very skeptical in the beginning but after starting and following your program exactly my glucose began to normalize neuropathy pains went away and I started feeling much better.

My doctor couldn’t believe it but after a month or so he took me off my prescription meds.

And injections my blood sugar is now stable I don’t need insulin and I don’t need medication I mean I still can’t believe it I can’t believe this is possible but I’m. meadow and the doctors at the IC TM couldn’t have done it without you now I know what some of you are thinking that.

This is too good to be true that this can never work for you I understand I would be thinking the exact same thing if I was in your shoes what I’m telling you right now goes against everything you have ever been told about diabetes every doctor.

Medical professional every website television host your friends relatives have told you that you are stuck with diabetes for life the injections and drugs are something you just have to live with forever the only way is to manage it they said prick your finger take your drugs inject insulin every single day for the rest of your life nobody ever told you about the natural drug-free treatments that can completely reverse your type 2.

Diabetes once and for all so we’re about to reveal that secret we’d like to tell you.

Things your doctor and the medical industry never did the single secret into the workings of the human body and its endocrine system the secret big pharma would rather be buried forever the secret we were harassed and intimidated over which proves that defeating type 2 diabetes is possible and has been possible for the last hundred years this secret that has over 120.

Clinical studies behind it none of them covered in any major newspaper and not taught in medical school it effectively treats the source of diabetes that made you a diabetic in the first place the results you see here are so spectacular so outside the box that most people are amazed at how quickly they see results primarily because this approach attacks diabetes at their root an approach not used in current modern medical treatments like drugs and insulin injections that simply treat symptoms.

Modern medicine has chosen to ignore this treatment method in favor of the big pharma approach which has you shackled to prescription drugs and insulin injections for life being dependent.

On them a prisoner in your own body before I share this secret with you let me tell you an amazing story that was recently featured by the world-famous dr.

Oz Rocco Waxman of Scottsdale Arizona was overweight diabetic and had the heart of an 85 year old while being only in his 50s in just 28 days Rocco completely reversed his type-2 diabetes got rid of his hypertension acid.

Reflux successfully reduced the plaque on his arteries came off his cholesterol and diabetes medication completely and did all this just by changing his diet in a specific way which dr. Michael Roy in the chief medical consultant for the. Oz Show called doable for everyone in a few minutes I will reveal how Rocco completely reversed his type-2 diabetes dr. oz himself even stated that 90% of type 2 diabetics can reverse their problem 90 percent of diabetics.

Free of their disease that is over 200 million people that could be free of this crippling disease the method is so simple it’s.

So powerful you’re going to want to watch this presentation until the end and discover it for yourself and trust me I know how you may be feeling right now my father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when I was.

A teenager but what happened next just didn’t seem fair he took his prescribed medication he took his insulin he even improved his diet and exercised he did everything his doctor told him and more yet despite his best efforts his foot was amputated he could no longer go fishing with us nor play catch with me like he used to and his diabetes kept getting worse until he died at the age of 65 I couldn’t understand it if he was taking all his.

Prescribed medication insulin pills eating diets recommended by his doctor daily exercise why did he still have to die.

Why did our medical system fail him and millions of other diabetics across the world something changed inside me that day he died I knew I.

I couldn’t watch another person die of this disease this was one of the main reasons I became a doctor I wanted to help stop this disease after medical school I spent two decades with my research team struggling to.

Find a cure for diabetes we.

Researched insulin production pancreas problems glucose absorption methods but all in vain see the problem was that we were following the mainstream medical methods of trying to cure diabetes we.

Were attacking it completely from the wrong angle and I only discovered this after I joined the doctors at the International Council for truth and medicine.

And together we embarked on a mission pored over thousands.

Of scientific studies and research papers worked with hundreds of doctors researchers and medical professionals and you know what after 10 full years of analyzing verifying and testing this information we discovered the truth but covered up suppressed and hidden truth we discovered a method.

So powerful it threatens to shut down Big Pharma for.

Good as it begins reversing type 2 diabetes the moment you start by attacking diabetes at the root it begins healing your pancreas fixing your insulin problems normalizing blood sugar and restoring your.

Health we want to share it with you today so you can be free of type 2 diabetes free of.

The drugs pills and injections free of the crippling fear and worry and start living your life beginning today we.

Came to learn that there is a scary process which destroys your pancreas and turns off your blood sugar metabolism activating your diabetes dooming you to a life of pain suffering and early death a process which Time magazine called.

The secret killer it is the culprit behind most diseases actually and along with a lack of nutrients and key compounds if you do not get this process under control within your body it will be virtually impossible to reverse your type 2 diabetes and I want to share with you exactly how to stop this process dead in its tracks right now ever wondered why.

Diabetics have such high rates of heart disease heart attacks cancer high cholesterol blindness arthritis and neuropathy one.

Word inflammation just recently February 2015 scientists and researchers at the University of California San Diego proved that type 2 diabetes is caused by a tiny.

Molecule they discovered that an inflammatory molecule called LT b4.

Causes insulin resistance and what does insulin resistance lead to high blood sugar and diabetes and there you have it the root cause of diabetes not exactly we have to go back just a little bit further we need to find out what causes inflammation and how to stop it this my friends is the Holy Grail the one thing that has been hidden suppressed and kept secret the answer to your diabetes so what is it the secret is in.

The food you eat or more importantly not eat it has nothing to do with your genetics your age gender family history or anything else scientists discovered that many of the foods we eat every single day caused serious.

Chronic inflammation that leads to insulin resistance and high blood sugar among many other health problems.

What’s most shocking is that diabetes diets recommended by doctors even ones recommended by all the Diabetes Association’s have recently been proven to actually raise blood.

Sugar and harm your pancreas that’s why you still need to take your diabetes medication and insulin when trying to follow their crazy diets but you don’t.

Need to diet dieting doesn’t work you simply need to eat less of certain harmful foods while substituting diabetes.

Busting superfoods as soon as you start attacking.

Inflammation your blood sugar will begin normalizing your pancreas will begin healing and neuropathy pain will vanish best of all your doctor will have to take you off your medication and injections as you simply won’t need them anymore 21 days or less scientists and researchers from all over the world have proven these findings in countless studies here are some of the most remarkable results American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in just 16.

Days insulin dosages were reduced by 57% University of California Los Angeles in just three weeks 71% of patients were taken off all diabetes drugs University of Kentucky metabolic Research Group a few weeks later 96% of type 2 diabetics were able to completely stop all insulin injections while type ones reduced their doses by an average of 38% Loma Linda University 81 percent of patients.

Achieved complete relief of painful neuropathy dr fed on Lindberg oslo norway.

Had this to say patients who were injecting high doses of insulin as many.

As 200 units daily have managed to quit insulin and come off medications for blood pressure and other.

Conditions here’s what some of the lead researchers have to say contrary to common belief type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed Kristin Roberts University of California to have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable Roy Taylor Newcastle University we welcomed the results of this research because it shows that type 2 diabetes.

Frame Diabetes UK once you start attacking inflammation it’s not just diabetes that begins to heal in a study at the George.

Washington University they found that cholesterol dropped 25 to 30% an amount comparable to what can be achieved with statin prescription drugs risk of cancer was lowered by an astounding 67 percent proven in a study done at the National the tude for public health and the environment inbuilt joven Netherlands rates of hypertension.

That’s high blood pressure dropped 61% in men and 36% in women proven in a study from the University of Oxford United Kingdom patients even lowered their risk of fatal heart disease by over 56% Loma Linda University.


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