Open up a tab grab a seat and pour a pint it’s time for the beer guys radio show more free beer go to the brewery dedicated to the art science and enjoyment of craft beer what’s wrong with the video we got now here are your hosts Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt thanks for tuning in to this episode of.

Radio show we’re broadcasting with the beer guys radio studios in Marietta Georgia and this week we’re talking with Indiana’s Upland Brewing Company we’ll discuss the challenges of brewing both clean and sour beers talk about juicy.

And hazy IPAs sensory tasting panels the growing popularity of kombucha and uplands newest Tap House I’m Tim Denison with me as always is my good friend and co-host Bryan Hewitt what’s up Tim joining us today we have Adam Kobe the Quality Manager for upland brewing Matt wisely the brewer and innovation lead and Eli trinkle the sours Brewer for upland brewing guys thanks for joining us thank you so Adam did you.

Would you guys get into anything interesting this week well we’ve been we’ve had some Brewers I had a couple different festivals Matt was.

Out in Chico hanging out with Sierra Nevada we had some guys up in Michigan and some over.

And Rhine Geist and I were in Cincinnati so been pretty busy there as far as around the brewery goes we’ve been hard at work packaging up some of our teddy bear.

Kisses variance which is our Russian Imperial.

Stout be released once a year so we got all kinds of fun versions of that gun that we’ve been putting into some kegs we’re gearing up for our annual coolship brew and the sours facilities so we’ve actually gonna become that this Friday so that’s gonna be fun we some of the Brewers actually.

Hang out at the brewery and spend the night with the beer as it as it inoculates always busy and this is so a brewing sleepover basically alright that sounds like a decent party.

Count me in for some of that for sure yeah sure how about you Tim a good week Brian so we did a little more adventuring.

Last weekend keeping up with our goal to visit all the breweries in the state of Georgia in 2018 we got one more this weekend was one of those that’s just kind of out by itself not a whole lot else on there but we hit Rome City Brewing in Rome Georgia and that was number 68 on the Georgia.

Brewery and I think we’ve got like 14 left now Brian oh we have 14 depending on who opens up on us I think we’ve cut the what do we say November first if you have to be opened by November first to make a make the list I think to make it even feasible for us to do this you know and knowing where some breweries might be opening I think November first might have a New Year’s Eve.

Opening we got a run across the state there so it’s been a fun adventure man we’re checking out some cool stuff and something really cool we went to a Yorkville georgia and we visited Yorkville hops and produce there’s.

Actually hop farm in Georgia and this was his first year he had 144 plants if I remember correctly there was centennial chinook and Zeus Bryant is that right I think so yeah that sounds right you know Kansas yeah either that a cascade ensues.

Yeah for sure Zeus for sure Centennial for sure I talked about how difficult those are to.


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