Welcome to this episode of in clinic at you Freddie I’m Kevin Henry you know what I’m lecturing or traveling around the country the thing that I’m often asked by dentists and dental team members is what is the single most underappreciated action that a practice can take to improve productivity and efficiency to me it’s all about the schedule look.

Your business is either gonna run like a 2018 Porsche or a 1982 Pinto based on your schedule I know there are many practices out there who don’t employ the practice of block scheduling and honestly I don’t see why they don’t use the system it’s very simple you schedule the big blocks of time first you schedule the procedures.

That will impact the bottom line of your business the most and then fill in around those I’ve often heard it explained like rocks pebbles and sand in a jar think about that jar you put the big appointments in your schedule first two rocks these could produce the highest amount of revenue the.

Second most productive appointments go in next those are the pebbles and the least productive go in last that’s the sand also make sure that you have a scheduling policy in place so that everyone on the team front and back understands why appointments are scheduled a certain way at a certain time someone placing an appointment on the schedule at will can sabotage your entire day and set your business back.


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