The legal systems of the world treat species and ecosystems as objects and property this leaves nature with no legal rights and no legal representation in court leading to an economy coupled with the destruction of nature nature represented the first time in history that nature is guaranteed legal rights in a legal defense in court against the armies of lawyers.
From multinational oil and mining corporations in a small country.

Of Ecuador a new constitution was born and that Constitution is the first in the history of the world that gives legal rights to nature under fundamental primary law that’s a Magna.

Carta moment for the 21st century and changes everything together with the National Bar Association we call the lawyers both nationally and internationally to donate pro bono hours for the defense of Ecuadorian nature nature represented makes it possible to choose from a list of ecosystems and species and allocate hours for the legal defense almost 4,000 lawyers already signed up with a staggering 200 million dollars worth four hours ready to be released so that if an oil company challenges the constitutional rights of the wetlands of.

The island of Santa Davis and Gilbert in New York will unlock its cache of hours to orchestrate a legal.

Offensive on a scale never seen in environmental litigation the Villach Imbaba river which is that the picture of it here was being filled in by a road building project.

And the court ruled on behalf of the rivers right to flow freely first case in.

The world today Ecuador has become a massive contributor to the United Nations global sustainability Development Goals we dream that more countries grant constitutional rights to nature and we.

Dream of defending those rights in courtrooms across the world.



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