Kelly how are you good knowing yourself thank you so much for being a patient here at Brooklyn Dental we’d love to hear about your experience what did you have done when I came in one day with a broken front tooth and I had to get a new tooth for it and I was to get a distraction.

And a root canal and nice bit of work to be done but it all went great.

Teeth in now and you wouldn’t even notice that very happy.

That the walked and stole the light of them will be coming back for more if it needs to be that’s amazing and I understand you have a big occasion coming yes this done ASAP for a wedding coming up in two weeks and we’re.

Done in lots of time that’s the time all went great I must say and very happy with the outcome of this thank you so much for your feedback we really value you as a patient and we’re hoping to see you and not only you but your wife-to-be yes we’re excited she should probably change and then.

To source out from that wonderful one things graduations and thank you and thank you for your good work my pleasure my pleasure to take a few.


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