Okay so now to make our jello bring our spaghetti you’re gonna make your spaghetti when you’re gonna make your gelatin so this box and then we’re gonna let it sit for a couple minutes and then sit with one cup of boiling hot water you’re gonna take your brain bowls or whatever kind of mold you want whatever if you.

Don’t use a rectangular mold line it with I want to say wax paper wax paper a parchment paper okay it’s flax paper and then it will peel off the jello that way but I’m gonna.

Spray a little bit of oil on it so that it will release when the jello is right okay okay now we’re gonna take our boiling hot water carefully keep staring into it’s reading the next good and when it gets a.

We’ll start adding in our rainbow spaghetti right now that we have our brain and our gelatin here I’m going to start adding in our survey most spaghetti you want to know how to make these rainbow spaghetti go to my page the tutorial.

Section I will have it or on my Instagram page so just arrange your strings so that.

Part of it is hanging out so they’re able to kind of like grip it and they’re trying to get the strings out otherwise it’ll be really tough to try.

To thing in there all right here we go let’s do all the colors now that our jello has been staying overnight it’s hardened as on spaghetti it’s ready to be taken out so remember how he.

Greased it makes for easy removal okay if I peel back and is I’m gonna get my back and loosen it then when you train over I should fall right out all right so now pretty hard to tell it’s green okay so now what you’re gonna do is hold.

The spaghetti strings out so that sounds good but it’s gonna be really fun okay when you can do it um your.


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